Graco Metro Pushchair Challenge + Review

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Graco Metro Pushchair Challenge Review We were preparing for our trip to Spain when we were asked if we wanted to join in on the Graco Metro pushchair challenge. The competitiveness in me said, “Oh yes please”. I love a good challenge and I also love a good pushchair. I have only had two kids in the space of three years and trust me when I say I have had numerous pushchairs / strollers for them. So I have a lot of experience with various brands both expensive and cheap versions of pushchairs to compare to.

What better way to put a pushchair to test then to take it abroad with us. Airports are notorious for throwing, bashing, and even breaking pushchairs. We have lost many wheels and lock latches traveling. Our Graco landed in Spain in one piece and the beautiful white and black print untouched. I was impressed and excited to use it.

Right away, I could tell I was going to like the Graco Metro. It is far lighter than any of the other pushchairs we have ever own. While traveling this is a huge bonus as I always have my hands full. I can open and close the Metro with one hand in seconds while still holding baby in the other arm along with bags hanging off my back. It only weighs 7.5kg. I have kettlebells heavier than this in each hand when I work out.

I also fell in love with the HUGE basket it has underneath. Another bonus when traveling as the Metro basket holds EVERYTHING. B even got in it to be funny, if my tall three year old can fit you know it’s big. You can pile in the toys, bags, coats, baby blankets you name it and still have room to hang your diaper bag or handbag off the handle bars. Or just put your diaper bag in the basket so it’s well out your way. It also doesn’t tip over with the diaper bag hanging off the handle bars like all our other pushchairs. I do think that’s due to how wide the underneath basket is and keeps the pushchair standing solid. I can’t stand when you take a baby out of a pushchair and it falls off and all your things go flying, especially in an airport where people have no patience to wait for you or refuse to help you.

Graco Metro Pushchair Challenge Review

Our Graco Metro got to see many beaches, cafes, parks in Spain to put it to the ultimate test in such a small period of time. We got home and it stayed in the car and has become our go to pushchair for everyday life now. We had a bugaboo bee before which is great for the boogie board for B but he is too big now and the bugaboo’s are heavy and there isn’t much space in the basket to put anything. The Metro’s basket really is something else, I don’t know how they got it so wide and deep without dragging on the ground but I love that they did as I am known to carry most of the house with us when we go somewhere. You know, just in case. Graco Metro Pushchair Challenge Review A few weeks after Spain we took it with us for a family weekend at Alton Towers. It came in handy taking it to load all our swimming gear, life jackets, extra clothes, and towels from hotel to the waterpark, let alone holding one of the kids at the same time too. It was there that I thought, I wish I would have had this on the many travel adventures we have been on lately. It would have made life so much easier. Well worth the price tag at £229. It is suitable for 0-3 years so that’s not much when you think you can use it for so many years.

The Metro folds up so easy with just one hand and a squeeze of a button. You can lift it one handed as it’s so light and put it in your trunk either flat or sideways depending on what else you have in your trunk at the time. The wheels are small so it doesn’t take up a lot of trunk space like some pushchairs can do. Doing all this in one swish motion with a baby on your hip is a must as a parent and a must in a good pushchair. Graco Metro Pushchair Challenge Review

I love the design too. It suits boys and girls and is easy to keep clean. The pattern of various tourist attractions around the world is fitting for a traveling pushchair like ours. It really suits are family perfectly. We are taking it with us for our two months in America so these little wheels will have been through the ultimate test of numerous flights, days out, and I just know it will live up to it all and more. I never boast about something on my blog if I don’t truly believe in the product or love it. I am honest about all my reviews. I really am impressed with this pushchair. If I had to pick one thing I would change about it overall I would probably say, sew the strap padding on or make it so they can’t come off when you unfasten the harness. We have already lost one strap pad that goes around the arm strap on the baby’s chest because once you unhook the harness they just slip off. At 2 years old they aren’t that important to for my little one but for a new baby they would be very important to protect them.

We can’t thank Graco enough for our beautiful pushchair and the fun challenge they have set out for us. We enjoyed it! Graco Metro Pushchair Challenge Review

Check out the many places our Graco Metro has been thus far and see how easy it is to open and close it. What do you think of the new Graco Metro?


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