Cupcakes, American living, and waterfalls #littleloves

Last updated on April 22nd, 2024 at 01:43 pm

kiddosIt’s been an extremely busy few weeks and there isn’t a sign of slowing down anytime soon. As we reach our last three weeks of vacation here in America, our calendar is filling up with one more visit to each family member and a few big days out to stock up on before we return to the UK. We are missing Daddy so much so it will be such an amazing reunion for us all but I am not going to lie, the hot weather, family, swimming and playing outside everyday can never get old. I will miss it so very much. 

Welcome to this week’s #LittleLoves round up joining in with Butwhymummywhy and a lovely group of loyal linkers.


The Girl On The Train literally just came in the mail while I was typing and I may have squealed for a new book. I have been loving the slower pace of life and getting to read a few chapters every night. I have been through a few books already while I have been here which was my goal. I know the next few weeks will be full of goodbyes and a busy schedule but I am hoping to get this book done before I return to the UK. Everyone has been raving about it. I have a few more books on my to read list before Christmas too. I am enjoying getting back into real books especially reading with this view, it’s so calming.



Luke Bryan is a favorite of mine as far as country music goes. I love being home and blaring the radio in the car with all my favorite songs for once. When I first moved to the UK, I wondered why the UK doesn’t have country music or most countries besides us for that matter. I think it’s because most of the country songs that are so popular are all about American living. The words to this one fit my small town to perfection but I can’t imagine there is any place in the UK where there are hillbillies partying in trucks in the back road of a mountain and kicking up the dust. That sentence just makes me laugh.


I have had very limited wifi here at my parents so sharing videos is extremely hard. I had these grand ideas of filming a bunch while I was here in the states but storage and not being able to access my icloud for some reason put a cork in that goal really quick. But I snuck into Starbucks to get My Expat Life – Episode Three live for you all. It’s a week late, sorry but I hope you enjoy a sneak peak of where I grew up. Don’t forget to keep the questions coming, you can comment below or even tweet me.


MM is strutting her new Boden kaftan this week. I was so excited she finally fit into it as I bought it back in May. I love Boden kids clothes and all the vibrant colors and patterns they always have for kids clothes. You can’t pass her awesome Little & Fierce sunglasses that she is also growing into more and yet has adorned them all summer long.


It got cooler for a day by that I mean like 70 instead 100 degrees f, so we got to put on light sweaters for a day or two and ease up on the sun block. It was nice but I am glad the hot weather is back for the next few weeks. I need to store it up until next July where we will come back here agian. MM is wearing a jumpsuit from the Kardashian collection, I am wearing my bargain chevron dress from last year with my new MK side purse that I scored in Seattle when Mr P and I went for our anniversary.wore


I have been baking in my momma’s kitchen a lot the past week. I have been taking sitting down lately and creating recipes from scratch and thinking of various combinations of goodies that will pair together nicely. This Salted Oreo Cookie Bar recipe was a huge hit with extended family here. It basically was your Rice Krispies treat recipe and I substituted Oreo Cookies and then added pretzels and drizzled salted chocolate on top to finish it off.

Salted Oreo Cookie Bars Recipe

If you have been on my facebook page or instagram you would see that I have been making various cupcakes this week too. These delicious pink ones below were a practice run to make the perfect buttercream frosting and to practice various designs on cupcakes. I still don’t know which designs are my favorite but it beats how I used to do them with a butter knife. lol Next week, I will be sharing a dark chocolate cupcake with almond Hershey’s buttercream frosting that is to die for. It really came out so good. I think I have made over five dozen cupcakes this week alone. I can’t wait to share the recipes with you all soon. cupcakes


One of my oldest and dearest childhood friends came to town to visit me and the kids with her two boys. Together we got our kids and another best friend’s daughter and went hiking in the mountains and up to a beautiful little waterfall. I love exploring the great outdoors with my kids and showing them new things. They were absolutely in love with the waterfall and it’s sheer power to fall so far from the middle of a rock. B kept wanting to know how water got so high up in the sky. It was funny. The kids all played so well together.



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  1. I have just finished the girl on the train, it is amazing book. I find it hard to get the motivation to read, I would much rather sit in front of the tv but this book got me hooked. I am so jealous that you are experiencing the hot weather, the U.K is raining again and I am in dire need of a holiday. I am glad you are soaking up as much family time as usual you do realise how much you miss them when you spend a significant amount of time with them after being apart.

    • I have heard this and can’t wait to get my teeth into it. The poor UK never stays hot for long bless you. This is another reason we have kept the kids so long in the states to play outdoors longer and more over the summer time. Yes this has been a tough time on us being apart but it will be a great reunion for sure.

  2. Jenny it sounds like you’re having a really wonderful time at home spending time with family! That book has been added to my ever growing to read list too! It’s got so many great reviews! You’re baking looks amazingly scrummy! Enjoy your weekend x

    • Oh thank you darling we have a busy weekend ahead. I hope you enjoy yours too. I love baking in Grandma’s kitchen she has all the cool gadgets to do fun stuff. lol We are loving it here in sunny USA.

  3. Oh my, not one for me to read while on a diet ha ha. Yum yum yum. I am in love with MM’s shades and kaftan. She’s so gorgeous. Sounds like you’ve been having an amazing time. I love the girl on the train. Fab read xx

    • Me too, not one for me to bake on my no junk challenge but it’s teaching me discipline. (or torture) Thanks Sian she thinks she is the ultimate diva I will have my hands full as a teenager. I can’t wait to get tucked into my book.

    • Glad you like the sound most the time when I share a country song it doesn’t go down well. lol It’s so nice to share home with everyone back in the UK. It truly is a beautiful place here in the country.

  4. Hang on a minute we had a freak heatwave here in the UK in October 2011 – don’t write us off just yet LOL! 🙂 Loving your American adventures but yes, I have to agree we don’t get too much of those hillbillies kicking up the dust – I’d love for someone to come up with an English version of a country song to see just what the subject matter would be – could make good comedy! Loving MM’s kaftan – sooo cute! Enjoy The Girl on the Train – great read! Have a fun weekend Jenny Xx #littleloves (ps. I would choose the cupcake that looks like a rose).

    • Oh my goodness that just made me bust out laughing. What would a country song about life in the UK sound like. Definitely comedy. Too funny. Thanks for the cupcake tip. 🙂

  5. I want to read Girl on the Train! It’s on my new reading list and I keep meaning to buy it. Those cupcakes look amazing and I am awful at icing, I definitely need practice! x

    • Oh you should try them Laura they are so delicious and really easy to make. I could spend a small fortune on girl clothes so much fun to buy. We really are having a lovely summer.

    • It’s been less stressful, full of sunshine and happiness and family. I am not going to lie, pure heaven. I love baking up a storm in grandma’s kitchen too. It’s hard not to eat it all though. Still on my 30 days no junk challenge. I wish I lived near you hunny would make the UK so much easier to come back to. LOL hahaha

  6. You look like you’re having such an amazing time! I love country music. Don’t get to listen to it much as like you say it’s not really that relatable for us Brits, but I often pick songs out from films I’ve watched and add them to a playlist to listen to again. Love your outfits, your chevron dress is gorgeous! And all those cakes and bars look amazing!! x

  7. Look at all them yummy treats! Ooh I may have to try baking the cake. I can’t believe how grown up they are both looking. Enjoy the rest of your time and please bring back some sun! x

    • Oh they are sooo easy and very delicious. They have changed so much for sure. Yes I will we only have two weeks left sadly. But be good to be home too.

  8. I love a bit of country music, there should be more here in the UK. Wow, I love everything about this post Jenny, especially those cakes…. yummmy! Your outfits are lovely as ever too, MM is looking so grown up bless her xx


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