How much has changed since our Wedding day!

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Sitting here on the couch, I am recalling my wedding day and how much has changed since that magical day. I have had the fairytale story of falling in love with my partner on holiday and marrying him in my parent’s backyard, in the exact spot my own parents and many of my siblings have been married. It was the most magical and beautiful day I could ever dream of. We were surrounded by all our closest friends and family to make that day perfect. 

Recalling our wedding day TSB joint accounts

While thinking of all those warm and fuzzy memories of our special day, I think of the little things that changed right away. When you get married there is a list of things that need changed. First and foremost, most people change their names right away. That alone is a long list of changing driving license, passports, credit cards etc. It was an honor taking my new husband’s name, for me, not because I liked it but because it was a symbol of us uniting as a family. Another thing that is common is getting a joint bank account with your partner, if you don’t have one already before marriage. Mr P and I did this for the protection it provides to us. Without getting on the topic of death when I am talking about happy wedding days and life changing for the better, I do think it’s important to have a joint bank account. Many people don’t see why but if one partner passes away you can’t get access to it until the estate has been through probate. This can take from three months to two years which means if you had separate accounts the surviving spouse would not be able to access any cash until afterwards. I love that Mr P is in the financial world in terms of his career to make sure we are taken care of as a family. These are just a few things that were changed right away and things we needed to take care of as a married couple. 

I reflect on how much has changed since then. We were surprised with the pregnancy of our son, Buba and quickly followed by our daughter, Missy Moo. They keep us so busy everyday and on our toes at the best of times. Mr P and I jump to the challenge of having two children so close in age together, as a team. I really wouldn’t have it any other way even if there are days I am utterly exhausted trying to do it all! Mr P has always been a hands on father and I am so lucky for that. The kids completely adore the very ground he walks on! It seemed after we got married life just jumped into the fast lane without warning. I didn’t feel like a grown up then and still don’t now which I don’t think we ever truly feel like a grown up and yet as soon as you get married you immediately do so many grown up things. I fell into place playing house and living a married life that I loved. Each step just took place and followed by the next step. 

Every once in a while, like today I recall our wedding day and think how much has changed and even moreso how much I have changed. In the span of a few years, I have become a wife, a mother; twice over, started my own business and became an author. I think, yes, I did these things but I did them with the help, love, and support of my best friend, my soulmate and it all started with “I do” on that very special day. All of that makes me smile so very big and grateful for the beautiful life I live with my husband and two children.

It’s the time of year again….

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  1. You look absolutely stunning in that photo, such a beautiful bride! So much has changed since our wedding too, two children, a new house and whole new social circles! x

    • Oh yes us too. I really need to blog about my wedding day I keep putting it off. I think life just goes by so fast so many things change after the I dos for sure.


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