Our first pantomime at Epstein Theatre

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I have lived in the UK for about eight years now and I have heard a few people mention pantomimes but I have never been to one myself. Not knowing what to expect, I thought it would be a great family adventure if we all went to our very first pantomime together. We got the opportunity to do just that this past Easter weekend to see Beauty and the Beauty panto at Epstein Theatre in Liverpool.Our first Beauty & the beast pantomime at Epstein TheatreWhile it was a good hour drive from where we live, we made a family adventure of it as usually. The kids thought it was brilliant they got to skip their naps for the day and get treated to the theatre. Buba especially was so very excited just see the video below.

From the moment we walked into the theatre the kids were in awe. The grand stair case was a favorite of Missy Moo’s and Buba kept on pointing at the big stage while waiting for the show to start. Mr P and I were just as excited to see what the hyper of a pantomime was all about. The kids were handed their tickets to gain entrance. I love making them feel like a big kid and independent so I told them they had to keep track of their own tickets for their seats. They thought it was amazing.

Our first Beauty & the beast pantomime at Epstein Theatre

As in all theatres they are really dark and have little natural light for show purposes of course so I do have to apologize for my grainy photos in advance. We wanted to share our experience with you and did the best we could to capture the theatre for you.

Our first Beauty & the beast pantomime at Epstein Theatre

I think skipping naps was fine for Buba but as you can see Missy Moo was a little less impressed to pose for photos with strangers all around her. But it wasn’t long before her frown turned upside down and she was excited to see the show as much as the rest of us.

The kids quickly settled in their seats and had a few snacks ready for the the cast to come on stage. While we are very grateful for this opportunity at Epstein Theatre I would highly recommend any families taking children under the age of 6 to get seating downstairs. We sat in the second to last row upstairs and with a one and three year old it was very hard for them to see the stage from their seats. Buba sat on top of all our coats, on his knees, to see the stage and we stood at the back and held Missy Moo so she could see or let her stand in her seat part of it. Not the best experience in terms of seating but we couldn’t fault the show nor the cast one bit. They really did put on a great production! Our first Beauty & the beast pantomime at Epstein TheatreOur first Beauty & the beast pantomime at Epstein TheatreOur first Beauty & the beast pantomime at Epstein Theatre

It was a interesting experience watching a pantomime for the first time. The comedy side of it was great and something I didn’t expect. The kids loved the story and characters too. Its great that a pantomime can be entertaining for both adults and children. We had a good experience for our first time taking the kids to the theatre. Its good to know they can sit still that long and focus. The intermission gave them time to go to the bathroom and replenish their snacks and drinks ready for the second half. Our first Beauty & the beast pantomime at Epstein Theatre

Buba was a little shy at first but he soon jumped up to meet the cast members and take a photo with them. Missy Moo was having none of it, like most one year olds she sat nearby not taking her eyes off Belle and her beautiful dress! A girl can dream can’t she?Our first Beauty & the beast pantomime at Epstein Theatre

It was lovely to run into a few people I knew and catch up. Thanks for the long arms Colette and taking our selfie for us! It was lovely to see you and Kerrie! Hopefully next time we can chat more without our lovely kiddos running circles around our feet! It was great to meet your families! Our first Beauty & the beast pantomime at Epstein TheatreAs with every family adventure it ends peacefully with a snooze in the car. With an hour car ride home it was a quiet one indeed. The kids had a great time at the theatre and hope to do it again soon. It kicked started a lovely Easter weekend for us as a family!

Thank you Epstein Theatre!

*We were sent tickets for the show for the purpose of this review but all opinions and photos are our own. 

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12 thoughts on “Our first pantomime at Epstein Theatre”

  1. The Epstein is a beautiful theatre and like you we were seated second row from the back when we went a few weeks ago to see Twopence to cross The Mersey. Sounds as if you all had a great time. I love going to see Pantomimes with the children but we couldn’t make the one last week x

  2. I really wanted to take the girls to a pantomime at Christmas time but I thought LL might be a little too little, I didn’t realise they did them at other times of the year as well. I love the video and the selfie photo of you and Buba is just so cute! x

    • Thanks Katie. My photos were absolutely awful because it was so black inside the theatre. I think they do them at each holiday Easter, Christmas etc. The kids were brilliant I was impressed.


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