Happy New Year #lifecloseup

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 02:12 pm

Happy New Year!

I can’t believe the holidays have now, been and gone. To say, it flew by in a flash is a huge understatement. I think this has been the fastest holiday season ever for us. We spent most of it in Ireland with friends and family which was a lovely treat. I love the country side as much as the cities there. The kids were having a blast with all their cousins their age to play with too.

I hope you all have had a lovely holiday as well. May it have gone slower for you to enjoy every second of it than it did for me. Tomorrow is the start of back to school, nursery runs, and work days. It’s now Sunday so it’s time for my favorite instagrammers from #lifecloseup – an instagram community hashtag capturing all those zoomed in moments. If you haven’t join in yet, please do. All you have to do is hashtag all your photos interiors, kids, food, beauty, fashion, travel whatever they may be as long as it’s a zoomed in focused capture of something specific.

Life is so busy sometimes we forget to stop and focus on the details of life so I started this little instagram community not only get more to enjoy life’s little moments but to share them all together. I love sharing all my favorites each Sunday here on my blog to give you some more amazing instagram feeds to follow and check out as much to say thank you for joining in. 

THIS WEEK’S FAVORITE INSTAGRAMMERS #LIFECLOSEUP:Happy New year #lifecloseup an instagram community favorite instagrammers

littlelikelylads, fresh_deliverycoffeeworksleep

tigerlillyquinn, mummyofboygirltwinsthisperfectmess


This week has been a busy one for us as we ended our traveling around Ireland for the holidays. We have been up north to Belfast with friends here, shopping in Dublin for my birthday and down to Southern Ireland for feast of food and family play time before we returned to the UK yesterday. I didn’t get sick on the ferry ride home but I sure had the memories of the ride over. EEK. But we are home sweet home now. Christmas decorations have been put away, holiday washing is on the go, and the house is clean for the new year. 

We are back to school tomorrow and the daily routines of work, family, play life. I have a bunch of new year’s resolutions (yes I know they never really happen but worth an effort). I really have smaller things to focus on this year than the bigger picture. Those never get accomplished. haha I love the start to a new year, feeling refreshed and ready to make it a year to remember. I hope to keep sharing my #lifecloseup shots with you all as much as you will keep sharing them to me for 2016! Let’s make it a year to share!


Happy New year #lifecloseup an instagram community

Please don’t hesitate to come share with my little instagram community. The more the merrier all types of zoomed in photos are welcome. Would love to see more food, interiors, outdoor nature captures too. Not that I don’t absolutely adore and pine over the baby spamming that goes on. It’s utterly adorable! Keep them all coming. Why not invite your friends too if you know someone that loves instagram as much as we do. 

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    • Thanks for joining in. Yes I like to keep it diverse and see a whole ray of zoomed in captures from interiors, food, to kiddies and nature. You name it.

    • Glad you like it. I am hoping more people start joining in and it takes off. I love the idea of a little community where we can all support each other and share our love for instagram. So far it’s so fun and loving the zoomed in captures. Thanks for joining in dear.


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