High Energy, Book Clubs, and Staying Motivated #littleloves

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 02:52 pm

The weekend is ahead and we have the normal sport activities to run around and attend to but if the weather holds, we are off for a spontaneous family day out. We will pack some snacks, and wrap up warm and see where the road takes us. I miss our random days out and so I thought we were long over due and hopefully the weather will finally be a bit kinder to us this weekend because how FREEZING has it been for so long. 

I have had a catch up week of getting things done this week and staying motivated. My new site is almost done and ready to launch, so keep watch. I hope you like it as much as I do and a few changes in between that you will get used to I hope and pray. I think this week I have felt more like myself, high energy and motivated to do a lot each day. I was feeling overwhelmed at Christmas and needed to recharge to take on a new year. It’s a big year ahead for us too. Doesn’t it feel good to start the new year with fresh ideas, to do lists cleared and everything in the house cleaned, organized and looking it’s best?

Well, that’s what I did this week. Loft, closets, cupboards and drawers were all emptied, scrubbed, ram sacked for ebay, charity and trash runs. I have been to the tip six times this week. Phew, that feels good. I am no longer a hoarder as I have been in the past. I was brutal this time and I thank baby nesting for that. I also got all those little things I wanted to do done that didn’t need doing but I wanted to for so long like print out and send all the kid’s uniform school photos to both sides of the family in Ireland and America. Done! New family calendar personalized with favorite family photos. Done! Replace all burnt out spotlights and new fridge water filter. Yup, check & check. Things like this I eventually need to do but never have time for because they don’t have to be done. There is always something pushing them down the ‘to do list’. Not this time. I even cleaned out my dresser for baby clothes until we build the loft baby needs some storage space. Even the fridge got a good scrub down! I am on it. 

Now I am tired and back to work and needing to clear out emails, update about me and work with me pages and all those ‘to do lists’ that come with running a business. The house and family are sorted for the year and I am always sorted all on my business side of things too. I love a new year, a new blank page and see where my new mindset takes me this year. 


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I am reading The Power which was recommended by a few readers here but also it was the chosen book for this month’s Bookish Mamas Book Club. I am getting into book clubs more and more as I read a lot but have no one to ever talk about the books I read with and this is the best way. I am almost done with The Power. It’s way darker than I thought it would be and a lot more revenge from women than getting a balance. But I am still on on verdict as I have a few chapters to go to end it. Still trying to read a book a week and so far so good. I finished the trilogy Smoke and Bones and have about six books I want to order on my amazon list calling my name.

I also made a reading roundup of the books I read last year, how I choose good books to read and my reading goals for the new year ahead. Books are the perfect way to relax the mind and ignore your to do lists too. 

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Have you heard that I am hosting new giveaways each week for the main categories I blog and vlog about. It’s an opportunity to give back to you all for your continual support and reading my blog.  There will be giveaways for home accessories, baby products, food styling props, travel accessories, fashion and more. I promise there is something for everyone each month so please don’t miss out, bookmark my GIVEAWAY PAGE and keep checking back to see what is up for prizes. I already have two whole months worth of amazing prizes scheduled. I have three currently running and one new one below here.

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I am still working on vlogging at least once a week and lately been good at keeping it to every Wednesday and Sunday which isn’t challenging since we are still in January but it’s off to a good start. If you haven’t watched already, my latest vlog…

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I am getting a few outfits together for our big trip to Walt Disney World next month. The weather has been so nice there so I am hoping we get as lucky. With a forever growing bump and needing comfort for all that walking, I have opted for jersey and wrap dresses so I can either wear with or without leggings depending on the weather like this Next Maternity Dress and comfortable tennis shoes for all that walking that is ahead of me like these blush pink sneakers from Matalan. A little gold clutch to put my things in our backpack for me as we will need to carry some stuff with us each day, it’s the perfect handy little bag. 

wore this week pregnany outfits maternity wear matalan and next official disney outfit

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I made a big effort over Christmas to just be with the kids. Switch off from work and put away my phone so I wasn’t tempted to check emails or just do a bit here and there. I played hundreds of games with them, built toys blocks, pony castles, race tracks and forts in our house. I made sure to have as much silly laughter, and roll around on the floor fun as we could together. It’s so important for me to make sure my kids know how much they mean to me individually and together as a family. Not that it always happens but I know it’s a huge change coming for them both when baby arrives. They have always known nothing but being both of them together but as my belly grows and visitors and friends chat and pay attention to baby and what’s to come ahead, I don’t want that to falter the amazing relationship we have and they have together. I keep reminding them they are going to be my helpers and involved with the baby as much as they want to. They talk to my bump each morning running in saying, “good morning momma, good morning baby.” It’s the best way to wake up ever. Every kick and scan and shopping trip for baby they have been there and helping me clear out storage space in dressers for baby clothes too. They really want to be hands on and I love that. 

We also made a huge effort to take the kids one on one for some individual attention both Mr P and I. It has blossoms their attitudes lately and made them feel special. You can see how much that time means to them written all over there faces. I hope to make sure I do that when there is three. I know it gets harder especially when baby is small at first but this is my focus. 

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Here are my favorite instagram feeds to lust over this week from #lifecloseup hashtag community. Click on the photo to follow and see these beautiful accounts below. Do come join us the community is huge now and you could be featured on my gallery feed page too.  It can be any zoomed in captures of life to you, not just family. Home, Food, Fashion, Beauty, Coffee – SHARE IT ALL WITH ME! 

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20 thoughts on “High Energy, Book Clubs, and Staying Motivated #littleloves”

  1. I really need to read The Power, I’ve heard so many people have really enjoyed it. A good clear out is so good for the soul, feels like a fresh start. Love that dress, gorgeous colours. Enjoy your weekend xx

  2. Congratulations lovely I am not sure how I missed it but its wonderful news !! I really would like to get in front of the camera more but my to do list is so long I really cant see it happening. I hope you manage to keep it up. Cant wait to hear about Walt Disney! #LittleLoves x

  3. I have never heard of The Power, will check it out – I am always looking for something good to read. I have just entered your competition – fingers crossed! #littleloves

  4. The to-do list is never ending is’nt it, glad you hear you are feeling back to your motivated self. I’ve got so many notebooks and journals on the go but they all help to keep me on track with my goals.

    It’s so nice to spend individual time with the kids, it feels that extra bit special doesn’t it. Hope you have had a lovely weekend x #LittleLoves

  5. I love writing to do lists, setting goals and writing them down. Makes it all not seem so overwhelming and a lot more achievable when they’re written down 🙂

  6. Wow you are on it! It’s incredible how good it feels to have a clear out. I’m in the process of ebaying a load of stuff and have a couple of charity shop runs to do. Not anywhere near as productive as you though!
    I hope you’re enjoying The Power, it’s such an engaging book and really makes you think.

  7. Sounds like another busy week for you Jenny and that maternity dress looks lovely. I read the Power not so long ago, it took me a little while to get into but it really makes you think xx

    • It did take me a while too. It’s deep. Darker than expected too. I loved caraval though read in a day. Another busy week another week full of germs. I am done with winter.


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