How LED Facial Light Therapy can help your complexion

Last updated on January 8th, 2024 at 02:08 pm

How LED Facial Light Therapy can help your complexion

If you’re in-the-know when it comes to the latest ski care treatments, you will have heard of the revolutionary treatment that is LED facial light therapy. If you’re keen to hear more about this quick solution to common complexion issues and irritants – keep reading! 

As you’re already looking for a solution, the skincare rescheme or treatments that you’re undergoing currently aren’t working as much as you would like them too – or maybe you feel like you could be getting more bang for your buck when it comes to luxury skincare.

Throughout the country, we regularly reach for over-the-counter skin serums, treatments and ointments that promise a lot and do – well, quite frankly nothing.

Even the brands that promise the best results after months of investment in their expensive, yet tiny bottles of product, can diminish the nutrients and oils our skin needs to look hydrated, which in effect causes breakouts and skin damage. 

How LED Facial Light Therapy can help your complexion

LED facial light therapy combats a range of problems that occur when we use the wrong solution for our skincare. 

All the time spent applying creams and serums day and night, could have been invested in LED facial light therapy, which has a low-to-no downtime and minimum treatment time is an hour or less. 

See why LED light therapy is the right solution for everything wrong with your skincare. 

A Guaranteed Safe Option 

LED facial light therapy has passed the test when it comes to non-invasive skin care treatments that are medically approved. This incredible treatment delicately targets the surface layer of the skin. 

Your chosen health and wellbeing clinic will organise your initial consultation with their leading doctor or therapist. After which they will decide whether to treat your skin with either blue, red or yellow light based on your desired skin goals.

Over the course of your treatment time, pain and heat-free power of LED lighting taps into your skins natural cell response. The great thing about the variations of light available is that they can achieve multiple skincare goals such as rejuvenation, enhanced collagen production or elasticity.

How LED Facial Light Therapy can help your complexion

Dermalux drives immediate results

A professional skincare clinic will use the Dermalux LED facial light therapy machine because of its proven results in its approval stage to the medical market.

A non-invasive LED light simply heightens the performances of cells that already working around the clock in your skin and face. 

A brighter complexion can be achieved by correctingpigmentation in the skins and other longer-term skin conditions such as acne or rosacea.

How LED Facial Light Therapy can help your complexion

A lunchbreak skin care treatment

Many of the patients currently undergoing LED light therapy find that the most appealing part is the minimal 30-minute treatment time.

Even a short treatment time is enough to see the benefits of the oxygen that is generated and applied to the skin during just one session of blue light treatment. In greater detail, your clinician will advise you that this LED light therapy helps to remove bacteria and build-up of dirt and therefore acne. 

Whereas red LED light channels the layers beneath the surface to invigorate levels of collagen. For those who like a dewy complexion with a little plumpness, this one’s for you.

Last but not least, infrared light targets blood flow, which when enhanced will clear any signs of stress. 

How LED Facial Light Therapy can help your complexion

Choose a health and wellbeing clinic for LED light therapy

As with any skincare purchase, it is encouraged that you select a method that is right for you. Everyone’s skin is different; however, LED light therapy can be adapted to suit your skin needs.

Luckily the incredible team at The Medika Clinic are on hand in Manchester to take care of your health and wellbeing, with everything from LED light therapy, to HydraFacials and Micro needling.

There is no end to the solutions available for those experiencing skin care issues. 

Find out more about the latest luxury Manchester aesthetic clinic when you’re looking for convenient LED facial light therapy


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