How to Make the Most Out of Your Garden Shed

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A garden shed is a valuable addition to a home because it can serve different purposes. You can use it to store your gardening tools and lawn equipment, as well as an additional storage space for whatever you do not want to keep in the house. This is in addition to increasing the property’s value when you decide to sell. Garden sheds are typically overlooked, especially when their initial sheen wears off, and this is why they can turn into dingy spaces that only hold unwanted items. This does not have to be your shed’s fate, especially if you have invested considerable money and time getting it right. So, how can you ensure you make the most use of your garden shed?

Pick the Right Location

Your shed’s location will determine how much and how well you use it. If you put it far away from the house or our outdoor garden, it might become inconvenient to get to it when you decide to store something or want to get something from it. Because of this, the shed will become more disused over time and eventually fall apart from this disuse and likely negligence. 

When picking the location, think about how you will use the shed. A potting shed, for example, should be close to the garden while one used as a playhouse should be located close to the house, specifically the patio and backdoor.

Also, avoid placing your garden shade behind bushes and trees. When you do, you are much more likely to forget it is there over time which leads to underutilization and disuse.

Lastly, think about expansion when choosing the location. You might want to convert the shed for other uses in the future, so you need to think about how much expansion space you are left with when you decide to make the change. An outdoor office, for example, will typically take more space than a shed used to store tools and equipment so think about things like these when choosing the location.

Consider Its Aesthetics

As with other features you add to your house or garden, your shed should fit seamlessly. It will look its best if it is not sticking out due to it not looking and feeling like it does not belong. This is why it is important to think about the overall garden aesthetics when deciding on the aesthetics for your garden shed.

To achieve harmony, incorporate the same colours, themes,and elements you use in your garden around the shed. Natural colours that complement the plants typically found in your garden work really well.

Do consider covering your garden shed walls with crawling plants to blend it in further. 

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Think as Big as Possible

As with a house, it is always better to grow into a garden shed instead of realising you do not have the space you need when you need it. When calculating the right size for your garden shed, think about what you will use it for now and what you might use it for in the future.

You might want to use the shed to store tools and equipment right now, but maybe add a table or desk in the future or start storing your bikes in there. Do not forget to factor yourself in;give yourself a few feet of walking, standing and working space on either side of you when you are in the shed.

Even when trying to get the largest shed possible, it is important to see how much space you have and whether you can get a shed of the right size, whether you are getting a customer one built or choosing from the garden shed sizes a business has.

Businesses like Buy Sheds Direct make the process of finding the right shed easy because they specify the different sizes you can get right on their website. You can either choose from these popular sizes or talk to one of their representatives if you are not sure about the size you will need. Buy Sheds Direct has a full range of garden sheds ranging from wooden and metal sheds to plastic sheds with great features and that you can customise; you only need to talk to a representative about it.

Choose One Made of Durable Material

Wood is by far the most popular choice for building garden sheds. The main problems with wood are that it does not last as long as plastic and the right type of metal, and it is susceptible to insect attacks.

Most companies have largely dealt with this by treating the wood they use properly, which provides the longevity a homeowner wants from their sheds. The wood can also be treated so it is more resistant to water damage.

Although metal has traditionally been used mainly for the roof, it is increasingly being used for the rest of the shed apart from the floor. The secret is using galvanised or stainless steel since these do not rust and will therefore last a very long time. Coats of primer and paint can keep rust away, further increasing the metal’s longevity.

Plastic does not have any of the same issues as wood and metal, but its main downside is that it is not quite as strong as the two. Depending on the type of plastic, it can be brittle under high or low temperatures which makes it unsuitable for certain applications.

Let in Enough Light

Light is crucial for a shed whether you are working in it or not. You need to see where you are going to avoid accidents because there may be sharp implements in the shed, and you do not want to fall on them in the dark.

You might also need to do some work in the shed and light is a requirement for that. In many homes, running some electric cabling is enough, but some locations might require permits for that. Some homeowners use solar panels and large enough batteries for portable generators if they don’t want the hassle of dealing with the legal requirements.

Both these options are great at night, but what about the day? Get enough light by ensuring the person building the shed adds enough windows – two windows work best. You can also consider getting a skylight, but ensure it is installed well to prevent things like leaks when it rains.

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Add a Deck

If you decide to use your garden shed for entertainment, it willbenefit from a deck. People can sit, spend time and dine on the deck once it is done, and you have added some furniture. You should also consider getting some garden lights so that it is as functional as possible when being used in this way. 

A shed porch or deck can also be functional should you decide to turn the shed into a playhouse for the little ones. Additionally, the deck can improve access to the shed in areas where the shed is slightly off the ground.

Although a garden shed is primarily meant to be used to start gardening tools and equipment, people have found creative uses for it over the years. These uses and additional improvements are what make it possible to get the most out of a garden shed.


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