If only I am like my mother.

Last updated on November 16th, 2023 at 04:40 pm

It’s that fine moment when you are shouting at your children to do something or stop doing something when you realize you sound just like your mother. For me, I hope I sound exactly like her. If I can be half the mother my mother was to all of us kids than I know I am doing just fine.

My mother is a true inspiration, she not only raised her own children but took in the children of her ex-husband’s and siblings to her children, as her own. Coming from such a mixed family of half-siblings, step-siblings, and siblings alike, there was never a dull moment in our house nor a quiet one. Yet no one ever got more than the other. There were no favorites. There was always such a fair playing field of love, presents, hugs & kisses, and even punishments.

My mother is no push over. She was strict on most days and stood her ground. I think that’s why we all turned out so good (own horn tooting…woot, woot).  It would be easy to cave in when there was so many of us to care for but she never did.  To care and love us as if we all came from her womb, without a hiccup in the process, is truly a superhero act. I don’t think she gets enough credit sometimes of how much she does for our family. Her love is unconditional for each and every one of us and she is close to us all, in various ways.

I call her the “Oracle”. Growing up I swore she knew everything, I still think she does and if she doesn’t know, she definitely knows where to find the answer. Resourceful, I suppose but I prefer Oracle, as it has more of a superhero ring to it.

Now, as a mother of two myself, I don’t know how she made it look so easy. I can’t say I could have done what she did so gracefully. I look at my two sugar lumps and hope one day they will think back and say that their mother was a great mother, as I do. I love that we are friends and can share motherhood together as she still mothers all of us and I mother my children. I wouldn’t have it any other way. We may have an ocean and a country in between us but that can’t stop the bond we have as mother and daughter.  So when days pop up like today, when I am shouting, “because I said so” or “because I am the boss,” I have to chuckle to myself and appreciate that I just might be like my mother.

5 thoughts on “If only I am like my mother.”

  1. Ha i do this too! It’s only when you become a mum yourself that you appreciate all they did for you. I feel terrible for the some of the things i said and did as a teen, not looking forward to that bit! x

  2. Ah that’s so lovely. I don’t get one with my mum unfortunately, things are really complicated and difficult between us but I do hear myself sounding like her sometimes so I have accepted that it’s inevitable for me to have some of her traits! x

    • I can imagine that’s hard. But at least you know you are an amazing mother yourself and can have a special bond with your kiddies.


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