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First and foremost Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, not only because I get to stuff my face full of various delicious delicacies, but more importantly it’s a time to be with my family. It’s also one of the hardest days of the year living in a country that doesn’t celebrate it. I think it’s important that our kids get taught my culture as well as the one they live in so we continue to celebrate this day, in our own way, amongst the four of us. It may not be the hustle and bustle of family all over the house, with the aroma of every food group waving through the air, while numerous family members shout at the (american) football game on the big screen but we celebrate it in our own way.

This year we went out for dinner. I know that’s not very Thanksgiving-esk. Where’s the homemade pumpkin pies, green bean casserole dishes and deviled eggs? Well, for starters it’s a pleasure to be served a lovely hot meal where I don’t have to do anything, (a rarity) secondly my children are both very young so cooking all day for just me and my husband really isn’t ideal. I am waiting until both my little kidlings are older and I can indulge them in a true Thanksgiving feast. Trust me, I will leave little spare, although it will be minus a few traditional dishes  since my son is extremely allergic to eggs, another valid reason not to make said pies, and said deviled eggs. Boo. 🙁

I may not be able to give them a feast but I can teach them how to give thanks. We should give thanks all year round but especially on this once a year occasion. It’s great to give extra thanks to those around you who love and support you no matter what. Whether it’s family or friends, it doesn’t matter. Some times people’s hard work goes without recognition so make sure even if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving that you at least give thanks to your loved ones.  It only takes a second to say, “Thank You!”.

Ten Things I am Thankful For:

My two gorgeous healthy children.

My husband who understand what I gave up to be here with him and always tries to fill that void.

My mother.

My family.

My USA friends, who always keep in touch and keep me connected to my home roots.

My UK friends, who took me under their wing and became my UK family.

My mother-in-law, who is the only one in my life that truly knows what it’s like raising a family in another country. She is stronger than she thinks.

My health.

The roof over our heads.

My blog, where I can release it all.

**these are not in any order

I asked Buba what he was thankful for, his reply was, “Cars, Mommy”. I asked Missy Moo what she was thankful for, her reply was, “googaaaa hahaa”. What are you thankful for?

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