Me & Mine Family Project {November 2017}

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Me & Mine Family Photo Project November 2017

It’s been a strange month for us, looking back at all we jam packed in as usual into our months as a family. Our calendar has been bursting each weekend. Our days are filled with work, routines, homework, swimming, spanish, soccer, gymnastic classes, and our weekends are full of celebrations, kids parties, adult parties. Phew, I am absolutely knackered. It’s also been one of my busiest months working which isn’t a bad thing but at almost 16 weeks pregnant I need to catch up on some zzzz’s soon. It’s wishful thinking though to think I will get a calm, relaxing and quiet December ahead isn’t it?

The kids have grown up over night on me. I think the process of growing a baby inside me and envisioning this tiny little new addition has really made me realize how much older my little ones are now. I still view them my babies. I know the moment I bring that baby home from the hospital they will seem like teenagers to me in comparison. Why does life go so fast?

They are both really excited for their new little brother or sister which we will reveal this weekend so keep watch. Both promising to be the best big siblings they can be and help mommy out. I think it’s finally sunk in for Daddy too, hahaha, always takes men longer for it to feel real. After seeing and hearing baby’s hearbeat and finding out what I am having it’s all got very real for me too. We just need to finish the playroom and we have everything else sorted for now. We are eventually building in the loft for another bedroom and office but we have time with baby in my room for that. B is super excited to get to go in the loft when it’s finished and baby get B’s old room. I am excited I get to decorate again. Any excuse right?

Me & Mine Family Photo Project November 2017


Sharing her baby bump each week with all of you.

Making Pumpkin Fudge…best recipe ever!

Getting back in the gym.


Christmas break and a calmer month for him.

Looking forward to our trip to London.

All the festive meals out during the holidays.


Practicing the school Christmas play.

Soccer with his friends.

Teaching his sister how to spell and do math.


Singing the Christmas play songs for Mommy.

Doing her homework with her brother.

Talking to baby bump daily and giving all sorts of promises to her younger sibling-to-be.


Beef, spicier the better. Steak please!

Mayo, which Mommy doesn’t even like.

Starburst grab bags. Not to share!

Me & Mine Family Photo Project November 2017

We were so busy in fact this month we didn’t get to take our family snaps until last minute. I have been very ill and stress with B’s medical problems on top of MM might needing glasses and endless doctor appointments between us all. I really have had time to shower, get dressed or get us all coordinating for a family shot. But that’s the beauty of this project it’s real life documentation of our lives each month. Some months are easy and some are hard and that’s reality of it. I can’t imagine when baby arrives how I ever will get three looking at the camera or even in the camera frame. I have photo challenges to come!

This isn’t the most flattering top as I am not really big enough to need to wear it but it’s comfy. It makes me look slightly bigger than I am and the puffy face is giving it away too now. But I thought I would share the photo below as you can just see bump peaking out a bit. The kids haven’t left my bump along talking, singing, and rubbing it constantly. I feel they have taken over my belly whether I like it or not from the inside and out.

Me & Mine Family Photo Project November 2017

Me & Mine Family Photo Project November 2017

We had a lovely quiet Thanksgiving just family and a few friends. We love sharing our holiday tradition with our friends each year to share with them the beauty of a holiday surrounded by being thankful. No presents just sharing food among those you love and are grateful for in your life. It’s one of my favorite holidays. Next year, we will have another baby in our family to share it with too. I can’t wait.

We say goodbye to November, and hello festive month of December. The last month of 2017, I can’t believe it’s here. So much has changed this year and so much to come in the new year. We are so excited for spring and to be sharing our baby journey with all of you. I hope your November was lovely and your December is merry ahead.


I can’t wait to see what you all have to share this month, and make sure you pop by to see the host & cohosts Lucy, and Alex, Charlotte, Fritha, Katie and Lucy) to see what they’ve been up to this month too.

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  1. Aww gorgeous photos and I love you’ve put the bump cravings here too ha ha! It’s funny how pregnancy sometimes changes your tastebuds so you start wanting things you actually don’t even like!

  2. Ah, Jenny, you look amazing! You can sense the children’s excitement about the baby in these photos too, such a lovely record of this time in your family’s life. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas together xx


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