Spain, scatter cushions, and green smoothies #littleloves

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:27 am

It’s Friday, the weekend awaits us all. It’s been a funny week getting back into a routine after our sunny time in Spain. We had such a lovely time with our friends and soaking up the last bit of sunshine we can before winter hits us. The kids didn’t get to do much over half term so it was a little treat for them too. Last time, we all got so sick in Spain so we just had to go back and make up for it. Boy, did the kids have a good time this time. The weather was perfect. My friend’s two eldest kids are the same age as my two kids and the four of them played like four peas in a pod, the entire time while I kept stealing baby snuggles from their little brother. It was the perfect mini break away.

spain, scatterd cushions and #littleloves



I absolutely love reading Katie from Hurrah For Gin’s blog posts. She always says out loud what most of us feel or think anyways. I read her recent post, Do We Really Need to Feel Bad For Looking at our Phones? While I always have this guilt about looking at my phone a lot around the kids, it’s part of my job and my life and I am not ashamed to say that. Half the time if I hadn’t had my phone out I wouldn’t have been able to whip open the camera feature and snap a funny, amazing, loving moment between my two tots. I love Katie’s perspective on it and her childhood love of beermats too. 


For those that don’t know I run a blog hop every Wednesday for bloggers to link up any post, old or new, up to two each week. It’s open all week to all topics. Even if you don’t have time for blog hops and commenting it’s a great place to just stop by and read a variety of blogs all in one place. You don’t have to link up. I wanted to create a space where people could read blogs and get to know other bloggers that may be outside their own circle of friends and topics. If you do want to join in, it’s super easy to link up any post, and include a link back to me or the badge (which is changing soon stay tune) and comment on the host and two others. I don’t ever expect you to comment on all of them, just share the love around. 

l have finished Pretty Little Liars which took forever as I didn’t realize how many episodes there were but it finished with answers which is satisfying. Mr P and I are now waiting seasons 4 & 5 of Suits and it’s just as good as it always is. We are waiting for Scandal to reappear on the screens soon too. 

It was bikinis, dresses, and shorts than back to the wool coats, scarves and boots all in a week. Coming back from warm weather to blizzard like weather was a little shock to the system but a good excuse to test my new boots out and my new wool & leather sweater. I even treated myself big time in the duty free shop for some early Christmas must-haves. I don’t often splurge on makeup but I was in desperate need for a change in what I have been using and have been saving up for some really nice sunglasses too.



This week I have been making a lot of protein shakes getting back into my health and fitness before Christmas hits me, like it does every year. My friend in Spain got me absolutely hooked on these delicious green smoothies while we were there. I have made one everyday since we have been home. I love when something delicious is also good for me. Doesn’t happen very often. It’s full of spinach, coconut water, apples, almond butter, wheatgrass, flaxseed, and chai seeds too. I put a lot of ice in it and make it really cold and thick so yummy.

I have been putting the finishing touches in each room in the house. It’s close to being all finished. Who am I kidding? Is a home ever completely finished? Or am I the only one that likes to change things up and move things around, adding different styles and accessories here and there around my house? No, I didn’t think so. I am on a mission to find some new scatter cushions that will suit my new office and back room. It used to be full of black, white and lime green and I have over the last few months changed it to just white and black. I haven’t decided if I should add a new color to it or find some scattered cushions that have both white and black in them to pull it all together. I really do like to have one vibrant color in the mix. I like the thought of possibly pulling more grey tones into it as well. So many decisions and so many options to what I could do with it. I love this look below where the orange pops out from the white, grey and black. The scattered cushions add patterns and design to the neutral space. SofaSofa scattered cushions #littleloves


22 thoughts on “Spain, scatter cushions, and green smoothies #littleloves”

  1. Your photos from Spain look gorgeous, what a wonderful way to wrap up half term and I am not at all jealous of the lovely sunshine you had!! I’m on the lookout for some scatter cushions too so must check that link, we bought a new cream sofa and I need something to brighten our room up. Have a great week lovely xx

    • Oh yes me too. Dying to find the perfect ones for the style I am looking for. Will keep my eye out and send you more links if I find some. Spain was lovely and the perfect little long weekend away.

  2. Our puppy has eaten all of our cushions so I’m on the lookout for some new ones! I’ll check out your link for inspiration. Your holiday looks amazing, what I wouldn’t give for some sunshine and a break from all the wind and rain xx

    • Oh no naughty little puppy. That’s awful. I am still looking for the perfect match for the style I want but it’s always the way when you are looking for something so specific isn’t it?

  3. Lovely pics. Been loving your Spain pics. We moved recently so I’m missing that little part of the world.

    Love your duty free haul. I didn’t even realise you could get sunnies from Tiffany!

    Have a fab weekend x

    • Oh no bless you. It’s hard when you move. Have you seen my expat series? I love the questions everyone has been asking for it. Check it out. Duty free is the best. I didn’t either and as soon as I saw them I fell in love.

    • It was the perfect balance from being in dark, cold rain for so long than sunny all weekend. Hard to come back to though. 🙂 Oh bless you hope the kiddos are getting better now.

  4. Your holiday looked so gorgeous Jenny. What a lovely little break before Winter hits here. Very jealous of your Tiffany Sunglasses-though you could guarantee I’d break them within weeks. I’m going to link up with Share with Me shortly 🙂 I love that you want to share the love and introduce us to new bloggers. Hurrah For Gin always makes me giggle too and will be heading over immediately to read that post-something I feel guilty for a lot and most of the time I’m working when using my phone. x

    • Me too I think we all need to give ourselves credit that we are in fact working most of the time on our phones and trying to take care of everything else at the very same time. It’s a work life balance isn’t it? Yes read it it’s hilarious as always. I am really good with sunglasses I had my last designer pair for almost five years without a scratch. Yes come link up it’s open all week and would love to see you there. Wanted to create a space where people can read blogs and not just feel they have to link up or comment.

    • We really is and it was SOOO needed for us all too. It was hard coming home but we have settled back into our routines that go a stray during holidays. Oh thank you darling that’s very sweet of you.

    • Thanks Esther, hope you are enjoying your weekend as well. It was a lovely time away together last minute weekend to spend some time with friends. The green smoothies are delicious.

  5. It must have been so nice to head over to Spain for some much needed sun. Sounds as if you all had a fantastic time with friends. As you know I am a huge lover of Suits and we have just finished season 4. Just debating whether to buy the next series on iTunes. I really need Harvey in my life lol. Have a good week xx

  6. So happy you had a lovely (illness free!) time away in Spain, the photos are fab!
    Liking your duty free haul too, I wish I’d given you a shopping list, I could do with updating some bits in my make up bag! 😉 xx

    • You really can’t beat duty free shopping at all. I always save my pennies for it. Yes it was lovely to have the kids on top form and we all had a great time together.

  7. Lovely, your sunglasses are stunning. I treated myself to some expensive sunglasses just coming up to 2 years ago now, and like yours they were quite expensive. I fancy some new ones but I don’t think the hubby will let me for a long time yet haha. May have to put aside some of my wages 😉 I’m a big Nars fan, their new Steven Klein collection is lovely, so many colours I wouldn’t dare to wear. Lovely round up xxx

    • Oh I will have to check out the new Steven Klein collection. I am a newbie makeup girl so I have no clue. I am only allow new nice sunglasses about ever five years. lol Kids broke my last pair I had for six so my track record is good.


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