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When I was growing up, I used to rearrange my bedroom on a weekly bases, just for a different look. I have never been one to get attached to houses because I love moving and starting all over on the decor front. I love envisioning what a room will look like and it’s endless possibilities. It’s no secret I am still very much like this today! 

My decor style also changes with my moods and the various stages of my life. While I have two little toddlers roaming my house at present I long for the time when I can decorate with creams, light greys, and neutrals. When I do I know I will lean more towards modern and contemporary designs. 

Interiors Contemporary Living Rooms Yellow and Grey Decor

The first room I will incorporate this style will probably be my living room, hallway and office space. These are the rooms that we live in most during the day and the rooms we want a cozy yet functional purpose from. 

I love oversized armchairs. Their popularity is rising in the interior world and has for sometime now. I love walking into hotel lobbies & cafes and seeing gorgeous oversized contemporary armchairs sitting there inviting you to sit down. I think, the style of them are flawless.

There is also nothing better than snuggling into an armchair with a high back and cozy side arms to rest upon. Armchairs like the one below are so multi-purposeful. They look good as a statement chair in the hallway next to a sideboard or near the front door to put your shoes on. They are great for an alternative office chair or in the corner of an office for your guests to sit on. My most favorite purpose of a cozy armchair is snuggling up with a good book with a floor lamp next to it, in the living room. Who doesn’t love that? A space all to yourself to dream of endlessly. Interiors Contemporary Living Rooms Yellow and Grey Decor

If you have followed me long or are of the observant type, you will notice I have a huge soft spot of yellow and grey interiors. Above is a similar style board to my own living room revamp that I recently did. I recently have purchased this very yellow “hello sunshine” cushion which is my new favorite sofa cushion and to my followers as been a huge hit on my instagram. I love this look of yellow and greys with creams and neutrals surrounding them so the colors pop. 

Interiors Contemporary Living Rooms Yellow and Grey Decor


This grey armchair above would be great for my dream office one day too. I would probably go as far as throwing one of those gorgeous cushions above on it and put it in the corner next to a small table and a modern floor lamp. 

I really could dream of various home styles and how to decorate a room a million different ways, everyday. I used to want to be a home interior decorator and maybe when I grow up (if that ever happens) I will do so. Until then, I will continue to share my love for various interiors here on LTM with all of you. 

I have always been a huge lover for Tesco and their home decor. Every year I save up my club vouchers so that at Christmas when it comes time for double club points, I have a vast pile of vouchers to spend on my house. You can’t walk into any room in my house without pointing out several Tesco home decor items. “TRUE FACT”. All these items above can be found on their website. 

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10 thoughts on “Interiors // Contemporary Armchairs”

  1. I love your style. I’m more of a fan of old fashioned chesterfield type armchairs but the picks you have chosen are perfect for you and your home x

    • Thank you Donna. Oh I do love those styles too. I think I need a different house for every style so I can decorate accordingly. Best start playing the lottery. hahaha

  2. I really love all the yellow & grey interiors stuff there is about at the moment. I spotted that cushion on the Tesco website and almost ordered it but it doesn’t go in any of my rooms at the moment so I was good and didn’t get it in the end. I really LOVE armchairs too. I only have one sofa in my living room because that’s all there is room for really but one day I’d love to get a big cosy reading chair.

    • Oh yes I would be the same. Good for you for putting it back I have a hard time doing that. Although you could always put it on the kids beds or your bed instead of the couch. Or even the dinning room chairs! I always find an excuse somehow. lol

  3. Loving the yellow and grey, so fresh and spring/summer. I know the feeling, with a 5yr and nearly 3yr old the sofas have had it, the walls need painted and the solid wooden floor sanded and varnished. Think I will have to pay your Pinterest board a visit and maybe put it in hubby’s direction. Thank you so much for sharing x

    • Thank you. That’s us we keep saying when the kids are at an age of safety we will buy new things but not sure what age that really is?! lol Could be waiting a long time. lol Oh yes swing by my pinterest boards anytime I am adding new ones all the time.

  4. Haha you sound so much like me, i use to rearrange my bedroom on a weekly basis too. I think it’s good to change things up once in a while. LOVE the grey and yellow combo, so fresh and perfect for Spring/Summer xxx

    • Thanks hunny. Yes I think I drive everyone mad because I am always moving and changing things around. Hahahah grey and yellow are my ultimate favorites for home decor.


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