It was inevitable!

Last updated on November 16th, 2023 at 04:42 pm

It was bound to happen soon or later, I just presumed later but Missy Moo has received her first black eye from her brother. It was one of those slow motion moments where I could have stopped it but froze as the horrid action continuing right before my very eyes. I blame, Thomas the tank engine for being so heavy, bulky and big without which this would have never happened!

I had just finished changing Missy Moo’s diaper and putting her pink sockies back on. Buba was playing with his Thomas train on the couch. In seconds, the little tot sprang to life, jumped off the couch and was waving Thomas above Missy Moo’s head and I saw it slip. Out of his tiny little hands that could barely hold it’s weight in the first place. The thud was unbearable as it bounced off Missy Moo’s right eye and onto the floor. To say, I gasped doesn’t describe it, I sucked in all the oxygen from the entire house in one gulp and held it waiting to see what damage had been done.

The screaming that came after lasted an hour. There was no blood, or cut thank goodness, but the swelling and redness was showing it’s ugly face as time went on. I finally got her to calm down enough to examine the damage. Yup, black eye for sure!

What surprised me the most was Buba’s reaction to it all. He was devastated with her wailing. He grabbed woofwoof and stripey and ran behind the couch and cried. I didn’t shout at him or even say anything until I starting breathing again. I pulled him out from his hiding place and made him hug and kiss her which made him feel better. He loves kissing his sister. Then I attempted to explain that Missy Moo is too little to play with his big kid toys and he needed to be more careful. Did he understand me? Probably not, he just saw the look of fright on his mother’s face as his sister screamed uncontrollably loud and the skittishness in him came out. Bless him. At least I know what he will be saying this Friday, “I hit Missy Moo with train Mommy.” lol hahahaha Bad mommy alert right here.

I felt like the worse Mommy in the world. I showered her with cuddles, kisses, singing, dancing her around the rest of the evening to make up for what I had let happen but it was inevitable. I knew there would come a day where her clumsy big brother would hurt her, and at six months old I guess I am lucky it’s now and not any earlier, at least she has some timber behind her now.


4 thoughts on “It was inevitable!”

  1. Oh girl! That is nothing!!! When my daughter was a baby my son used to beat the tar out of her…I literally had to latch her door closed to keep him out of her room at nap time because he would go in and hit her while she was sleeping…now she fights back…in fact yesterday, she got her hands on the fireplace shovel and when she was told to put it back, rather than doing what she was told she hit her brother in the head with it which resulted in a trip to the emergency room and two staples in Bubby’s head! I just wish they would start to get along!!!

    • Oh dear!!!! Padded rooms for everyone!!!! Thanks for being such a great followers and support of my blog. And sharing your stories too!!! My brother beat me up until about age 14 so hope u r prepared. Hahahaha

      • I just love your blog! I get such a kick out of your tales in mommy-land!!! Keep the stories coming and I’ll keep sharing mine too!!!

        • Thank you so much. It’s so much fun and things are finally taking off. I can’t thank you enough for all the awesome support. Love your stories back!!!


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