Reflecting back on 2013

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has been and gone, but so many memories were made to reflect on…

2013 Buba's 1st haircut.2013 Snow Day.


 January is usually the gloomiest month, brought on by that empty house feeling when Christmas is over and the decorations have been put back in their hiding places. Our January was a calm one but full of morning sickness, as I was a few months pregnant with Missy Moo.

We experienced Buba getting his first haircut, pic above, which he acted like the lovely lady was cutting his ears off instead his afro. I had let his hair get entirely too long, fearing this very tantrum.

We were blessed with beautiful powdery snow and Buba took his first sleigh ride with his best friend, Ethan.

I was surprised by S & C with an introductory cooking course for the three of us, which I really enjoyed and definitely needed. It was my new year’s resolution to be a better cook. (not happened)

2013 It's A Girl. 2013 Cooking Jan.


February was very exciting for us, as we found out we were having a girl!!! I also had great news that my best friend from back home was having a girl too! We grew up together, and always talked about when we got married we would be in each other weddings (we were) and we would have babies the same time (we did). It was a great thing to be going through my pregnancy stages with her, at the same time.

I was very lucky to go back home to the USA one last time before I gave birth, which was the last time Buba could ride on my lap for a smaller fee than the cost of his own seat. Flying with a toddler on my lap for 18 plus hours and being heavily pregnant is not recommended but worth it to see all my friends and family.

2013 Visiting Sea. 2013 Rach & Me Prego.


I was still in America when March rolled around. Flying to Seattle to see my friends from college before I had to head back to the UK. Buba is an excellent flyer. I got so lucky. He will sit and be entertained for hours with the smallest things. When I tell him to nap, he will nap, which makes travelling so much easier without an overtired toddler.

2013 Buba's finger.2013 Bridesmaid. 2013 Amsterdam


April was a very busy, busy month for us. We went to visit our friends in Paris, France. Unfortunately half way through our amazing visit, Buba got his finger trapped in a door and almost cut off. He ended up having to have surgery and staying in the hospital which meant we missed our flight home. Nightmare trip.

My friend had her bachelorette party in Amsterdam and I had already booked prior to being pregnant so I had to take one for the team and get on that plane and partying it up (minus the liquor) for my friend. Her wedding came the same month. See pic above. I was so thankful she chose a dress I could wear 6 months pregnant and black. Who could ask for more?

2013 Swimming .2013 Baby Shower MM2013 Summer Fair.


With everything that April had going on, it was great to have a calm month of May. My book was reviewed in a local magazine, Jam Publications, for the first time ever, so it was huge news for me.  

There was a summer fair at our local fairgrounds with an American theme so we went with S, E, Mills, & Nanny Popops. It was a great family day out, full of train rides, balloons, American size burgers and snowcones.

My lovely friends through me a Baby Shower at the Lowry Hotel in Manchester with Champagne Afternoon Tea.  It was lovely and perfect way to celebrate our new addition to the family. 

2013 mat pics.  2013 MM Birth.


June was another busy month. I had been putting off maternity pictures until I had a nice huge bump. We finally got them done June 8 but why time there were framed, June 26th brought the surprise (early) birth of my daughter, Missy Moo, at 1:38 am. Not only had I given birth early but my friend who was due 5 weeks before me gave birth to her baby girl the very same day!!! Talk about fate. I had an easy birth and was back to Music Class the following Monday with both kiddies in tow. June was the start of the fast pace life we are leading now. We had many Cheeky Monkey playdates and tons of visitors in and out to see the new princess of the family.

2013 Mom Visit. 2013 Chester zoo.2013 4th of july


My mother came to meet Missy Moo in July. It was a blessing to have her here for the first month or so of Missy Moo’s life and me learning to cope with two kiddies on my own.

We also took our first family trip to Chester Zoo, unbeknown to us that Buba was petrified of all the animals.

Then we took a trip to London for Missy Moo’s USA passport. Long waits at the USA embassy meant we kept Buba with Namma at home.

The 4th of July also was upon us, so we had a cupcake decorating party with S, E, and Mills. Even though we are in the UK I still have to celebrate! I put my flag out each year that morning and for a whole day it’s festivities and goodies galore.

2013 Buba's 2nd Bday


August brought us some lovely weather and my son’s 2nd birthday! We had a little birthday party at our local community center for him with all his closest friends.

With the hot weather, we took full advantage and many days were spent splashing in a paddling pool in the backyard. Missy Moo lying in the shade, while Mommy and Daddy soaked up the rays.

2013 TB Ball.


Starting off September with Mr. P. company’s 10th anniversary Ball was fab!

The month then brought me to the start of this very blog. (although started out as Ripattisvoicebox )

We had the pleasure of taking a trip with the kids to Ireland to see Mr. P. family and stay at the family home they have there. It was quiet, beautiful, calm, and relaxing. Just an amazing place to visit, and his family are all so lovely. His cousins have kids the same age as ours so the kids loved it too. We shall be returning a lot more in the coming year.

2013 Halloween.2013 Farmaggedon.


Halloween was upon us obviously, and it was Missy Moo’s first Halloween and I was dying for them to be in matching costumes. Yes, I am one of those mommies. Who better to be than Pebbles & BamBam from the Flintstones. I thought their costumes we amazing together. Buba wasn’t impressed!

Mr. P. and I braved it too, for some Halloween fun at Farmaggedon with S & C and friends. I am a wuss and clowns really, REALLY are not my thing. Although saying that we went in 2012 to Scare Kingdom, it was petrifying.

2013 Man 10k.


November brought us yummy Thanksgiving. Even though, this year, we were not in the USA for it, we still got our family of four together and ate a lovely meal, giving thanks for everything we are grateful for and more.

It was also the month I did my very first 10K for Charity. I didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as I did, or perhaps it was just the company. Thanks S &C.  I am hoping to do more in 2014!

2013 santa grotto.2013 baby's 1st xmas2013 Xmas Do.


December is always a busy month for everyone, ours was trying to break records I think, for how busy we could make it.

It was Mr. P.’s company Christmas party, where I got to catch up with friend and mommy blogger, Butwhymummywhy. (click on pic of us above for her website)

It was also Missy Moo’s first Christmas, our first family trip to Santa’s Grotto, my 30th birthday, our first major family holiday to Lanzarote, all before the bells chimed in the New Year!.

Hope you enjoyed looking back at our family’s fun filled year of 2013….Happy New Year everyone and may 2014 be even better!!!!

2013 date night.2013 30th2013 Lanzarote.


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  1. What an amazing year and so glad to share some of your highlights of 2013. Here’s to creating more happy n fun memories for 2014. Love your BFF S xxxx


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