Missy Moo’s Milestones: 6 Months Old

Last updated on November 16th, 2023 at 04:42 pm


Missy Moo turned 6 months old on boxing day! Wow, how time does fly when you are smiling away. I love that my birthday is her half birthday and her birthday is my half birthday, almost like we can celebrate together. Looking back at each month she really hasn’t changed all that much, just got bigger, stronger, and more sturdy. Usually from birth to six months babies tend to look completely different. I know Buba looks nothing like his one month pictures when he was six months old. I was so surprised that Missy Moo still looks the same with her huge gummy grin.

A lot has happened in the past six months. She seems to be flying through milestones that took her brother twice as long to reach. She is almost sitting up unaided, cutting three teeth, eating food like it’s her last meal, and rolling all over the place. I have tried to take a picture on each month birthday to keep a record of how far she has come.

MM5months MM4months MM3monthsMM2months MM1month

It wouldn’t be great photos without her amazing headbands and big smile. Contrary to what Namma thinks of her crazy headbands. lol She could melt the hearts of the coldest people. It’s been such a fun experience watching her grow thus far, I am so excited for what lies ahead.

May you keep smiling big, my little sugar lump.


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    • Thank you so much. She is so much fun. Never stops smiling from the moment I wake her up in the morning. I am so lucky. She is very chilled and relax. Total opposite to my son. Lol


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