Kids, vegetable cookies, and hospital visits #littleloves

Last updated on April 16th, 2024 at 10:27 am

It is such a relief it’s Friday. I am thankful the weekend has come and Mr P will be around to help tag team our toddlers together. We are at that stage now where Missy Moo is no longer a baby and doing toddler things which, in itself, is a busy task at hand, and Buba is at that almost four attitude stage! The combination on somedays can be very overwhelming on my own all week.

Then the curse to this family long continues with our many hospital visits and this time it was Missy Moo! A first for her and us with her. She cut her eye open badly on the tv unit, running in the house. Long story short, it was a long night in the ER and finally back home to rest and to only wake up and have ripped it back open by rubbing her eyes. It’s going to be a long healing process with this little one but she is taking it in her stride.

With a crazy week behind us, let’s end on a positive note and look back on the little things I loved too!


I have been reading blogs more than books lately and here are a few that I have read recently that caught my eye and were great reads!

Oh So Amelia – Unusual Ways to Make Friends

The Mummy Adventure – Waiting for Baby

Tigerlilly Quinn – Our Week In Pictures 


I can’t stop watching our video from last weekend at Formby. It was a gorgeous sunny day and truly one of our favorite last minute adventures together. The kids were happy to have freedom and I was happy to have fresh air. I always wished there was a record of my own childhood but my mother wasn’t into photos or videos so I don’t have much to go on. I really want my children to have something to look back on with this blog and our videos of our adventures. But also for me to look back on as the kids get older and remember how small they once were and the things we did together.


I am back to my vlogging and while I finally found a room that has more lighting to do my videos I am still trying to tweak out a few things. Like in this Shopping Haul for our upcoming vacations below I was using letters behind me although I didn’t realize my big head covered it in the background so need to work on centering the bed and moving letters for each video to the one side. Any tips to improve my video footage?


I love matching my two kids and even though it’s really tough to do with a boy and a girl when I do find matching things I fall in love with them. MM and Buba haven’t had these gorgeous Jojo Maman Bebe tops off since I got them. They are the softest tops I have ever bought for them. MM is also strutting her amazing Little & Fierce hair accessories lately.
Matching Jojo Maman Bebe topsEven though the tots have been taking over my wore list each week I got to sneak a little one of me too in for another beautiful scarf to add to my collection. My best friend from the states sent me it for Christmas and I love it so much. Family Day Out to Formby


Who says vegetables and cookies don’t mix? I would like to beg to differ… these scrumptious Oatmeal Courgette (Zucchini) Cookies are amazing and my kids gobbles them up like candy. The delicious glaze on top finished off this bread-cookie combo. It’s a must try and a must pin for later! I promise.

Oatmeal Courgette Cookies with glaze and walnuts Zucchini Cookies 

And lastly….

Speaking of good old pinterest. I have been getting lost for hours in Pinterest home decor boards and added a few to some new boards. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in it’s beauty and lust after a new home and new accessories. Lately as the kids have been ruining our dining room table I have been looking for inspiration for a good solid table. One that looks the part but will keep up with my two toddlers too.

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28 thoughts on “Kids, vegetable cookies, and hospital visits #littleloves”

  1. Oh poor Missy Moo 🙁 I hope her eye is healing up now, those cookies look yummy! Love your scarf, looks like you had a lovely trip to Formby 🙂 xx #littleloves

  2. Poor MM, hope she heals quickly. Love the Jojo Maman Bebe tops, so cute and they look adorable together.
    I’ve been losing a few hours this week on Pinterest too, looking for bedroom and dining table inspiration. Hope you have a lovely week Jenny xx

    • Thanks hunny. Me too. What a nightmare. Poor baba. I feel for her. I love their tops. Need to get more. hahaha I am always losing hours on pinterest. Will pop back later and check yours out.

  3. I hope Missy Moo is feeling better, the poor little thing. Your cookies look lovely but I have a mental block when it comes to vegetable in cakes and biscuits. It’s like carrot cake. I love carrots. I love cake. But together they are just wrong! I hope you have a lovely, accident free weekend xx

  4. That video is just soooooo gorgeous. I would love to know how to edit and add music. I like the idea of videos but my blog doesn’t support them as yet. The little outfits are cute and those cookies do look yummy. I am in love with pinterest too. I go crazy pinning sometimes and forget that everyone can see ! Eeek x

    • Thank you for watching it. hahaha I use imovies for everything as I can’t wrap my head around youtube editor. lol The cookies are delicious you must try them out. I always go nuts and my poor followers must think I am a pinning machine sometimes. Bless them for sticking with me.

  5. Poor poor Missy Moo, I can’t believe she managed to do that- as I said on FB you must have been so scared and sad for her.
    Thanks for mentioning my video, I love making them, and I love watching yours too! And those veg cookies look amazing- every time I come on your blog I am blown away by your food you make! xx

    • I was a shaky mess and usually I am the strong one in accidents but seeing her like that oh dear me I was upset. Even today was tough too. I always mention your posts on my love what I am reading. You are an amazing filmer and writer. Come over and I will bake for you anyday darling! lol

  6. Poor wee toot, hope Missy Moo is on the mend. Your trip to Formby looks fab! We used to live in Liverpool and would go to Formy quite often, its so lovely! Really enjoyed your haul video this week – it was giving me lots of inspiration for my own holiday shopping. Hope you have a lovely weekend xx

    • Thank you. I know it was awful I was so sad for her. It was a great day out for us all. Thanks glad someone is watching hahaha I always think are these interesting or not but I love watching hauls too. lol Have a great weekend lovely.

    • Oh yes like banana bread but with courgette for sure. Try it out let me know what you think. Thanks hunny she is do ok. Time will heal it bless her. I felt so bad for her.

  7. Those matching tops are great! I can never find anything for Lily to match the boys in, especially as she is in the older girls clothes and they are still in the younger boys, but I quite often match the boys and Lily will wear the same colour. If we go to family parties I quite like all 5 of us to match too hehe!
    I really need to stalk your pinterest boards – I could do with a few more hours in the day 🙂

    • Ahh thanks lovely. Me too I really struggle as Buba is in big kid sizes and MM is in baby sizes just. So it’s hard but even the same colors is nice. Love your whole family matching at parties. I try that and the hubby always changes. lol Oh yes stalk away I am loving pinterest and trying to make new boards all the time.

  8. Oh poor wee MM! That’s awful Jenny, really hope she is feeling better soon! I adore their little Breton tops, and your video too – so sweet! Ooh, vegetable cookies – something else to try with my veg fussy boy! 🙂 Hope you have a lovely weekend poppet xx

    • Yes, it’s brilliant to get those kids eating vegetables and has walnuts so not all bad. They taste like cake! Bonus. The kids love them. Thanks I hope it heals fast and we can put it behind us without any scars. lol Fingers crossed. Have a lovely weekend and thanks for hosting darling.

  9. Oh poor Missy Moo!! Her poor eye! Live the kids tops! You can’t beat a shopping spree! Lived Katies vlog too!! The cookies look interesting! Hope you have a great weekend xx

  10. Oh no! I hope MM is feeling better. I’m so envious of all the traveling you get to do with your family! My husband is always swamped at work and getting away is much harder these days. Enjoy your time with your family and I love MM swimsuit cover up. How adorable!

    • Thanks hunny. I am very grateful for the traveling we get to do. My husband and I both work for ourselves which makes it easier to schedule around the kids and work anywhere in the world. We will be stuck come September at Buba starts school then.


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