The Ugly Duckling Parragon Book Review

Last updated on May 6th, 2024 at 10:21 am

The Ugly Duckling Parragon Book Review

While this little lady loves reading with her brother and Mommy and Daddy at bedtime you can catch her sitting in the living room like this with her dolly and favorite duck sat next to her, reading. She can’t read quite yet but she will give it a good try at her very own version. 

I caught her today sitting there with her dolly and duck next to her, chattering away about a little duck to her stuffed friends. It was so cute. I love sneaking in and listening to her talk to herself and her toys. I captured these when she wasn’t looking. 

I always let the kids open our Parragon Book packages as part of the #bookbuddies we get excited to see what has arrived for us to read. I think reading with your children is so important and it teaches them a lot more than letters. It’s discipline to sit still, quality time together, and adventure and fun to be taken on. Mr P and I are huge book worms and we only hope that our kids will be too. So far they love their story times during the day and definitely at bedtime. The Ugly Duckling Parragon Book Review

The Ugly Duckling is a Slide and See fairy tale which means it has four tabs with animals on them to pull out and continue the fairy tale story. Missy Moo squealed with delight when she realized they popped out. Some book tabs are really hard to pull open and end up ripped by the kids but these glide open and close easily and are thick card so they won’t rip.

Missy Moo was most intrigued with the story of the duckling as she has a little duck that we call, “quack, quack” that is her pride and joy. And she drags her favorite duck everywhere. Now she has a little story about a little “quack, quack” too. The Ugly Duckling Parragon Book Review

The illustrations were lovely in this little short story. Missy Moo and even Buba love all the various animals to point out on each page. The Ugly Duckling Parragon Book Review

What stories do you read to your little ones? We love Parragon books in this house and you can see many of our views on some of their amazing stories. The Ugly Duckling Parragon Book Review

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* We were sent this book as part of parragon’s #bookbuddies scheme!


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  1. Oh we were sent the Princess and the Pea one of these books and both LP and LM loved the little tabs to pull out. Such a cute design. I lobe The Ugly Duckling story x

    • Thanks Carie. It was so cute. I tried to video but had no memory left for the video. She was chatting away to them like a good little reader and they were her audience. So cute.


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