Learning Instagram still, Disney Spam, and Accepting my busy lifestyle

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:56 pm

I feel like I need to find a new way to start my Little Loves roundups each week. There is just too much of a pattern of me saying, another busy week and then making pledges of relaxing and slowing down that never ever happen. Ha! I am done trying to slow down, I have concluded this is just how life is now. It’s fast paced, it’s busy, it’s full of errands and interrupted plans. With a new baby on the way I can only imagine it will get worse so instead of constantly saying it here every Friday, I need a new intro into the weekend. Let’s start again…

Happy weekend ahead!

It’s always nice to be Friday and looking forward to a lie in and time with the kids. We have a day out in Southport with the family planned for Sunday and the kids have their sports activities in full force too. I am hoping the threat of snow that everyone is talking about is a rumor and it stays nice. We only just put our garden sofa back out. Typical. When will Spring start? Maybe this year there is just winter to summer and there will be no spring transition.

Either way, I am glad to see the back end of this week but still had time in between chaos to have the nursery painted, handyman in to hang a few shelves in the playroom too. Next week, I will have some room tours (home interior giveaway) to spam you all with. It’s been far too long since I last did one. So in the coming weeks I am hoping to have nursery, playroom, master bedroom and our front living room tours already for you. Ambitious I know. I don’t like to share until every corner and shelf is set.

We also celebrated UK Mother’s Day last Sunday. I still find it weird its not the same day as USA so I don’t call my own mom on it but have to wait until May. It feels strange not celebrating it with her on the same day. But it was a chilled one and I wrote a post this week about it being My Last Mother’s Day with Two Kids. How my heart will grow and my arms spread wider for another family addition but also how I made the most of it just being me and my two now. Giving them that undivided attention they need and chilling out in the garden together.

My Last Mother's Day with Two kids


read reading

I am almost finished with Eleanor Oliphant such a great read. Sometimes I see books flood instagram and I don’t end up understanding the rave over them and other times I completely agree it’s a great book. This was the latter. I have started Fingers in the Sparkle Jar by Chris Packham for April’s book club choice. I am ahead of the game which is always good. I have stuck to my book a week challenge so far and we are half way through March. Let’s see if I can make it until Christmas.

april's book club bookish mamas book Fingers in the Sparkle Jar by chris packhamheard listening to

I have been listening back to all our Disney World videos and organizing them ready to share with you all. My first post and video went live of our experience at Animal Kingdom Lodge Hotel. I would love it if you could pop over and see what we got up to at our hotel and all the fun photos we captured of the animals right outside our balcony. It was such an amazing hotel. I will be uploading every few days for each theme park, and then a big Disney Q&A video at the end how to use the app, how to plan the ultimate Disney trip. We packed two weeks worth of adventures in seven days and yes, it is doable if you can’t stay longer. I did it in my third trimester as well and I didn’t find it hard to keep up even with the heat. I hope you will forgive the Disney spam for two weeks and then it will be over. 🙂

watched watch

I finished Little Big Lies even know I read the book and knew how it ended it was still great series. We also just finished the finale last night of Billions. What a great show. It’s a great one for both of us to watch together. Jamestown is back on now too. I had a few stocked up as there is just not enough time to watch and read and work and clean and keep up with it all every week. That’s what Sunday night will be for, I think.

wore wear fashion

I will let me little champions take over this section wearing their swimming medals from this past weekend swim competition. I love how much they love the water and to compete. I think, B really wants to further it and get on a team somewhere so I need to look into it more than what he does now. MM is thriving having been moved up in her lessons early due to lack of space, I was nervous but she has kept up with the girls and some are two full years older than her in her class now. Proud Mommy boasting sorry… but they are clearly proud of themselves here too. Look at these faces, butter would melt.

Fish Tacos with Pineapple Salsa

Fish Tacos with Pineapple Salsa

The kids have also been strutting their new Bobux Shoes this week. We have been fans for years and they are a brand we trust and rely on again and again. I can’t wait to get some baby shoes for little man when he is old enough. I am hosting a giveway for a lucky reader to WIN a pair of Bobux Shoes any style, any size from baby to toddler to big kids size 33!!! Get your entries in by clicking link above!

March Siblings Project + Bobux Shoes Giveaway

We are on a roll with these two little models this week. Their wore section beats mine in the whole last month, I am so impressed. With the warmer weather in flooded some vibrant and gorgeous Frugi Clothes too. Even baby got a new outfit…. I am missing a trick… Mama needs some new clothes too!

We love Frugi Organic Kids Clothes review

made making

I made Fish Tacos with Pineapple Salsa this week. It’s a light bite perfect for rushing about and whipping it together for the whole family. I love anything wrapped up in a tortilla, I swear. The kids are the same. It’s a fun way to have them make their own tacos by putting all the ingredients in various bowls and letting them fill their own. We love taco night. I also get sick of just make fish boring this was the best way to zest it up a bit for Spring. (that thing that isn’t happening this year).

Fish Tacos with Pineapple Salsa family recipes main dish

and lastly to share

I am working on learning how to do more cinemagraphs on instagram and using them on ig stories. Thank you Pamela for the amazing tutorial video just in the knick of time. Check it out here. I also want to learn how to use more flowing in text on ig stories I see so many using and better templates to make it look nicer. I love showing that bit of daily reality on ig stories and saving my favorite photos for my feed. What about you? Are you an ig stories kind of instagrammer??? Either way, I still love gallery feeds and getting lost on new accounts. Please click the photo below to see these feeds in action and give them some love from my hashtag community #lifecloseup.

Fish Tacos with Pineapple Salsa

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6 thoughts on “Learning Instagram still, Disney Spam, and Accepting my busy lifestyle”

  1. I heard this week that Big Little Lies season 2 has just started filming, it was such a great show I’m glad they are doing another. I wonder why Mother’s day is celebrated at different times, it must be really odd for you but on the plus side you get to celebrate twice ! The tacos look delicious, no one in my house likes them so I don’t get to indulge very often sadly. Hope you have a lovely weekend in Southport x

  2. Those tacos look amazing, I just need to convince my youngest that she likes fish ans we can give them a try. I’ll have to pop on over to the post and pin it so I’ve got it ready.
    Well done to your two little fish on their medals! So fantastic and such a confidence booster for both of them.
    Enjoy the weekend lovely x

  3. Those tacos look amazing and oh so spring like – looking out of my window now at the snow I’m inclined to agree with you – spring, what spring!?! Love those clothes, they’re so bright and colourful. Wish I could prize my little dude out of his dinosaur and star wars things, they’re all so dark and always seem to be in the same few colours. Well done to the kids for their swimming medals. I’ve been trying to convince my little one to take swimming lessons seeing as we no longer have our own pool, but he’s adamant he doesn’t want them – he seems to think he could show the teacher a thing or two! Kids! Have a great weekend lovely x

  4. I am always trying to slow down too …life is pretty busy isnt it ? The tacos look absolutely amazing I so wish my husband and daughter would eat fish because me and and my son would love those. Maybe I’ll make them anyway !! Xx

  5. Those Tacos look amazing, as does your food styling and photography- you have a real skill there! Well done to the kids on their swim medals- I’ve just started Freddie on swimming lessons after he did water babies as a baby. He’s still quite nervous to out his face in but he’s doing well. It’s such an important skill! x

  6. I am so jealous of your Disney travels. It looks like you had such an amazing time. I feel like I’m still learning Instagram too. I love that video about making new cinemagraphs for Instagram stories! I also LOVE those Frugi clothes. We’re a bit Frugi obsessed. I love how colourful their clothes are. You definitely have such a hectic lifestyle, I hope you manage to find some quiet just for you in amongst it all though. Especially before your newest little arrives 🙂 x


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