March Siblings Project + Bobux Shoes Giveaway

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 02:43 pm

Where did the middle of March sneak up on me from? I am in full crazy mode at the moment so it’s no wonder that time is blurring past me. I have failed on my ten minute break challenge each day. Let’s face it, the first few days I made about five minutes before I was twitching. Relaxing just isn’t in my nature if I am sat doing nothing and a million things going on in my mind. So March, well you are just a stepping stone month to prepare for baby’s arrival and you held UK Mother’s Day which was special and now Easter is around the corner too.

The kids have been loving the crazy weather. They think it’s hilarious to wake up one morning with fluffy white snow covering our entire garden and the next be warm enough to have no coats on and play soccer out back only four days later. It’s been a funny one for weather this month. We have tried to embrace it and still get out as much as possible. My kids prefer outdoors and get along so much better when they can roam free in the fresh air.

Sadly we haven’t taken many days out since Walt Disney World. We still have all those miles racked up that we walked each day at the theme parks. I think that counts for something. Plus, the shocking weather hasn’t helped. We did get to play out last Sunday with it being 12 degrees but it’s dropped again and threatening more snow this weekend here. EEK.

We are getting over colds finally so the less snotty noses the better. B has been struggling badly since we landed with his hearing. It’s not almost completely gone. We are trying not to panic while panicking. Not easy and school have been saying he can’t hear anything in class which makes me worried about falling behind. We are seeing a specialist next week. Hoping it’s just a blocked ear from his bad cold he has and snotty nose and plane rides from Florida kicked it off. I need a positive solution this week after the week I have had.

Both are doing so well in school. We had parent conferences a few weeks ago. I haven’t really mentioned them on here yet. I was proud and beaming how well they both progressed. MM had a few things to work on that she already has mastered just a few nights a week working on it. I am very happy they both love to work hard in their school work. love school and want to improve where they can. I loved school growing up and I hope they continue to do so too.

If you read this blog, you will know we have been in love with Bobux Shoes for years. Clearly from above my kids love them too. These are perfect for moving into Spring time. I love the easy slip on style and casual look. They match everything in both their wardrobe. What I love most about Bobux besides comfort and quality is that they do some amazing, fun patterns and designs too. While I am not showcasing those here you must check them out. I have a handful on on wishlist for summer this year. I like these for every day wear to coordinate with their wardrobes but I also want to branch out and have some fun ones too. I know the kids would love them.

Did you know they now go up to size 33 which run bigger than normal. My kids are one size in other shoes but in Bobux I go two sizes down for both of them for a perfect fit. I only wish they went up slightly higher for myself as there are a few of MM’s styles I would love in my own wardrobe.

I can’t wait to start baby boys collection of Bobux shoes too right from the start. You know that brand you buy and then stick with as they grow up. Bobux is that for us like Next is for clothing. You can always trust them to have what you want, fit how you want and come out with the new trends every season.


Seeing their baby brother 4d Scan photos.

Helping Mommy (not Daddy) build nursery furniture.

Celebrating and showering Mommy with Mother’s Day gifts.

Playing in the new playroom (room tour coming soon).

Looking back at our Disney photos and videos.

Playing out in the garden after school and on weekend as it warms up.

Still helping Mommy and Daddy find a baby name for brother.

Baking some Easter treats, recipes coming up soon.

Playing silly games together.

These two have been loving our new garden. I say, new still because we did it last summer and then winter hit and we haven’t been able to fully get the most out of it yet as we spend the summers in America. We have been coming home each day and getting out as soon as possible to play for a few hours in the fresh air before dinner. I can’t wait to start eating our dinners outside when it warms up. We put out the sofas and cushions last weekend for a few hours and it really felt like Spring was in the air. Something about sitting in your own back yard, cozy with the blue sky above just makes you smile and feel better. Don’t you think?


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  1. George at ASDA. Nice clothes, reasonable quality, and convenient :- As can get children’s clothing when out grocery shopping.

  2. We love Jojo Maman Bebe and Frugi, their clothes are bright, fun and comfortable! Only in the sale or second hand though as not cheap!

  3. Children get through clothes so quickly, I tend to favour cheap, good quality clothes. So George at Asda fits that description the best.


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