LVT is the Trend That Keeps on Giving

Last updated on October 1st, 2023 at 04:18 pm

LVT is the abbreviation for Luxury Vinyl Tiles, which itself is often referred to as luxury vinyl flooring. It is the pinnacle of design in innovative flooring.

Once upon a time these products were seen as a flimsy gimmick in place of laminate or hardwood flooring. Over time and countless years of researching the pros and cons of luxury wood effect vinyl flooring its changed. Vinyl flooring has become the smart choice for busy homeowners looking for long term investment in their home.

Benefits Felt Over Seen

There are many benefits to choosing vinyl and not all of them are ones that are easy to spot with your own eyes.

We all take the design and pattern of planks or tiles as the driving force of our choosing vinyl. However, beneath those designs are invisible forces at work. The top layer has a number of qualities that provide durability, practicality and resistance to forces such as scratches and stains. It provides incredible ease in keeping them clean and maintained.

Incorporating strength through each layer ensures your floor will stick around for years to come, quite literally also.

All in the Layers

It’s important to point out that not all vinyl flooring incorporates as many as 5 layers to do its job.

Some are known to incorporate less but still keeping your floor flexible and thin. It also employs its protective measures to make the floor waterproof and highly durable. It’s top layer specialises in being scratch, stain and moisture resistant whilst being transparent. Below this layer is where other forces are at work, such as the design layer which gives the overall quality a realistic look and smooth feel to perfectly replicate its real-life counterpart.

Take into account that the design layer is a picture representing the look and style you are going for, whether it be signature woods or Amtico Spacia stone style. It’s a perfectly presented combination that operates to hide the various layers that included impact resistance and moisture proof core layers.

Challenge Champion

If you think that LVT still cannot withstand certain elements within your house, you’d be surprised to learn exactly how much work has been put into fighting its challenges over the decades since it was launched as a product.

Key areas that lowest price Amtico flooring has conquered include the scratches from pets and anti-slip tendencies to protect children and animals alike. For those looking to reduce their weekly cleaning schedule, Amtico is the product that will keep its appearance.

It even gives you the choice of how you want it installed via clicking together panels or glueing down tiles via adhesive, you can have it either way.

When it comes to choosing a dependable, strong and reliable flooring option, the cheapest Amtico flooring in the UK is the winning layer.


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