Legacy of Love APP: The Ultimate Parent Journaling Experience

Last updated on June 13th, 2023 at 12:09 pm

Legacy of Love App – digital parent journaling

We are all guilty of having that pile of photos and videos that we need to sort out. Whether it’s in a folder on your computer to one day put into a digital album, or set aside to organize by dates, ages and milestones of the kids on your phone, either way we tend to push that job aside for a rainy day that doesn’t come. Sadly, we regret not doing it when something tragic happens. I am a prime example of not being prepared as I would have liked when my Dad unexpectedly died. Right away, I regretted not videoing him with the my kids, documenting the little time they did have with him and us too. I wished I had taken more of him holding his grandkids or documented him teaching me something. We think we will remember things forever, but the sad reality is memories fade fast than we think, as we overload our brains with information, data, and new memories ever day. So don’t wait until it’s too late to leave your legacy for your children.

We are teaming up with Legacy of Love to show you just how easy and quick it is to save those important photos, videos, recordings, voicemails, letters for your kids using their APP. It’s all in ONE PLACE and sorted for you! It’s organized by family members, dates, birthdays, milestones, and more on a timeline. It’s no longer a huge project that seems daunting because you can do it as the memories are being made right from your mobile phone, tablet, or computer. The best part is they all sync together, all you have to do is sign in. Legacy of Love App digital parent journaling

For example, you are throwing your daughter, her first birthday party, as she blows out the candles and every sings you record it. Take the app, upload it, label it with the “milestones” tag and write something about that moment you want to remember and DONE. That’s it, two seconds and eventually you will have a timeline of all their milestones in one organized place for each family member you add to your app. It’s a digital hope chest for the future.  Legacy of Love App digital parent journalingLegacy of Love App digital parent journaling

The APP is user friendly providing you with the easiest way to journal about your family life. After downloading it on all your devices, you can sign in, and add family members for immediate and extended family too.

You can see from my screenshot of my Legacy of Love App below that today I entered two memories: one of my toddler getting his first scooter and another of my daughters love for the great outdoors. It has a little bit about what I want to remember, a photo, the time and date it happened and tagged for me to easily search for later. It’s really easy to navigate with the “create entry” or “create interview” buttons about the list of family members.

Legacy of Love App digital parent journaling

You can sign up for FREE for the basic plan or for more detailed parent jouraling options choose the premium or family plan. It will cover all your videos, photos, voicemails, and special features on the Legacy of Love APP.

Legacy of Love App digital parent journaling


I may be too late to pass on my Dad’s legacy in this new digital way, but I am excited to pass on my own legacy and my husband’s to our three children in a way they can relive it themselves. They can look back through their entire childhood and see how much we taught them, loved them, did with them, and recall those memories too. They can pass them down to their children if we aren’t lucky enough to still be around.

Bonus, no more boxes of art projects and storing handmade birthday cards or boxes of unorganized memorabilia because you can take a photo of that amazing rocket your son made in school and write about it or better yet, video tape him telling you about it and save it in your app. For me, I have three children, and if I wanted to keep everything so I can look back on it later or they could when they are grown up, my house would be a tip. This is the easiest, fastest and tidiest way to keep your memories alive.

What do I love most about the LEGACY OF LOVE APP?

I love that you can upload little voicemails and videos. I know as a parent, our kids grow up so fast. Faster than growing up, our memories of their little voices as babies and toddlers fade even faster. I love that I can document their voices and thoughts, as they learn to talk, share, feel, and have their own opinions. I also love that I can record my voice, interviews, videos and voicemails that will bring my own thoughts and feelings to life for them, if anything were to ever happen to me, I would want them to have that. I would do anything to just hear my Dad’s voice again.

How do you organize your memories??? How do you store those precious memories to leave as your legacy?

Try out Legacy of Love for FREE, what do you have to lose? Be ready to snap, upload, and save when the next milestone comes around!

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legacy of love app parent digital journaling


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