Summer Fashion: BELTS AND HATS

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 03:14 pm

There are certain trends I never even try to pull off. I probably should always give them a try and step out of my comfortable zone but I think I just know my body shape enough to know, some looks won’t do me any favors. How about you? Are you a fashion super star and feel confident in anything? Or do you stick to your stripes and solids for safety? How about accessories? Anyone love belts and hats like me?

Mint Velvet Panama Summer Hat belts and hatsLately, my style has changed a lot. Mostly it’s down to my body changing a lot after three children. It’s a hard thing to finally accept you won’t be the shape you once were and probably never will be again. That’s ok! With each child, my body changed a little here and there but also with each year that went by, I got a little older too. No one in their late thirties wants to be dressing like a twenty one year old still, or at least I don’t want to. Things I would have loved to wear that’s in style now just wouldn’t suit me at my age. That’s ok too!

As I approach my 40’s in a few years (gosh, that’s crazy to even write down) I think I am the shape I will be – give or take a few isolation pounds. I also think I have found a style that suits my personality, being a busy, adventurous mom, but still feeling dressed up and pretty at the same time.

Mint Velvet Panama Summer Hat belts and hats

One of the new styles, I am embracing and quite frankly, obsessed with, is belts and hats. It’s accessories overload in my wardrobe at the minute and I think it can take the simplest outfit and make it feel and look chic. It’s a style that I have longed to try to pull off and try and try again. It’s also a style that makes me feel girlie and pretty. That may sound silly or even ridiculous to you but when I feel pretty in my clothes, I naturally feel more confident too.

Mint Velvet Panama Summer Hat belts and hats

The benefits of summer belts:

I was big into my baggy t-shirts and oversized sweaters in the past. I also had a slight obsession last year with kimonos for our trip to America for seven weeks. I lived in them. But I found I actually wasn’t doing myself any favors but wearing such big, oversized styles. I am super short and it made it look frumpy when I look back at photos. In comes the savor of a belt. It’s taken me years to feel comfortable with my mom belly so I always steered away from belts. But as I embrace myself, my style and looks, its been amazing how something as simple as a belt can turn your baggy t-shirt, oversize sweaters and kimono dresses into chic outfits and feel and look more slender too. You can wear them high up and super tight for a formal look or loose around the hips for a more casual boho style. Either way, it works.

Belts also hold great tricks for stylish looks. If you are wearing a bulky sweater and your jeans are too tight at the waist to tuck the front in, put a belt around your waist and tuck it into the belt. You won’t even see it. A lovely friend, taught me that trick.

Same thing for an oversize kimono or summer dress, cinch it around your middle and pull the dress over it a little, hides the belt but can create a skirt and blouse look to your kimono or summer dresses.

Do you wear belts?

Mint Velvet Panama Summer Hat belts and hats

The benefits of summer hats:

Well, for starters, it shades you from the sun’s harmful rays but everyone knows that. For me, it has to be a certain style and shape of hat for me to feel like I can wear it anywhere not just the beach. I am all for the huge beach sun hats where there is sand but I don’t think I could brave it in my local grocery store.

The brim, light, chic hat with ribbon around the base seems to be one I feel I can wear with anything and anywhere in spring and summer time. It’s airy so you don’t sweat wearing them. I have a white one with black ribbon and a cream one with caramel colored ribbon so at least one matches all my summer outfits.

Come winter time, I can strut my bobble hat look but it has to be sequins and furry on top.

What’s your go to summer style? 

Mint Velvet Panama Summer Hat belts and hats

Mint Velvet Panama Summer Hat belts and hats







Not an ad, I just love sharing different fashion brands that I find and outfits I put together for all the mamas out there seeking what their next style might become or maybe feel more confident about their changing bodies. Having babies is a miracle but not without some body changes along the way. Embrace it ladies!!!

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