Letters to him & her ~ #10

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:19 am

letters to my children


Buba, it’s that time of year again where we are outside in the fresh air and any chance we get with the sun shining we are in it. I think this is when you come alive most at this time of year. While cooped up all winter you get a bit restless in the same four walls everyday. I can already see you change this week as you have been outdoors more. We spent a few hours collecting rocks, kicking the ball, chasing bugs in the grass, and gardening with Granny. No kid should ever have to stay in so much but the weather has been shocking and you and your sister full of colds/flus/croup. I watched you playing there by yourself and thought you will soon be in school all day. These afternoons out back will be kept for the weekends and I really want to make the most of you still at home with us. So I will ignore the little tantrums you seem to be having over the little things and focus on these particular moments where you shine. letters to my children


Missy Moo, I have felt bad for you lately with you brother’s new found act of torture. The many bumps, bruises, scrapes and even your eye being cut open recently, I am half attempt to bubble wrap you. You have become your brothers bouncing ball play toy and we are constantly trying to jump in between you two at the moment. But you insist on playing with the big boys and follow your brother and his friends around like a shadow and therefore are in the line of action when these said boys decide to wrestle, go on the trampolines and do rough boy things. It reminds me so much of me and my brother and our sibling dynamic. I was his shadow and followed him and his friends around for years. I think that’s where I get my tough side so I am not complaining one bit (although I think my brother would have a few complaints). The one thing I do know is you have more love for outdoors then I have ever seen your brother have. You would stay out there for days and days come rain or shine while your brother is a bit more choosy of the weather. You are starting to talk more now. I was getting worried for awhile that you weren’t talking enough at your age. I know every child is different and maybe it’s just a second child thing where your brother does the talking for you. But either way it’s nice to hear new words from you each week and you finding your voice. 

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4 thoughts on “Letters to him & her ~ #10”

  1. Oh they do look so happy to be out and about in the sunshine – and yay for it blasting away all the horrid coughs and colds that have done the rounds this winter!!

    • Thanks Carie. We are beating those pesky illnesses left right and center and getting more fresh air. My grammy always said it was the cure to everything – nature! I can’t wait until it warms up a bit more though.

  2. I know this feeling Jenny, Even my one year old is getting in on the act now. Its hard because you want them to be protected against any hurt but also want them to be free to learn, tough one! but a broken bone is better than a shattered spirit I guess. the latter is harder to heal…. Lovely photos and yay to sunshine! x


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