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If you have been following me long you will know I am a huge fan of home decor and interior design. I have been fascinated with DIY and redecorating my whole life. I have always wanted to buy a fixer upper and slowly remodel it all and then decorate it.  House flipping would be so fun.

I think I get it from my mother, as she remodelled our house the entire time I was growing up. There were walls knocked down, attics made into bedrooms, bathrooms moved and kitchen expansions. She always taught me that we could do it ourselves and has taught me everything I know. 

Then I got really into various styles for interior decorating. I love a good home department store. I also love various styles and types of decor. If you gave me a blank canvas I would do it differently every time. I never stick with the same style long and each house I pick a different one. I love a good matching theme though throughout the house. 


Welcome to my office tour! My little space in the corner of our back room. The only place left in the house that I could set up camp. It’s tiny and I am quickly running out of room with camera lens, books, review products piling high on it, leaving me little room to work. In the future, I am planning on doing something different to create more storage in the future but at the moment here is what I have. The desk was cheap from Ikea and the pouf is from Habitat. Most desk chairs were too high for me, and my legs go numb so the pouf was a perfect alternative. office2

We added a TV to the back room so the kids can watch their cartoons while I cook in the kitchen. I didn’t like having them in the living room on the other side of the house and me cooking in the kitchen.

Above the TV are baby photos of Buba and Missy Moo, you can see how much they really look alike. I was sad the company that did Buba’s didn’t do the same size anymore so Missy Moo’s was a lot smaller. I wanted them to match. I got these gorgeous floral lanterns in the Laura Ashley sale, I have two, one on each side of curtains to hold them back. It’s lovely to light them at night and sit looking out onto the new garden. 


Our back room was originally Mr P’s room, which we still call it that. It was his room to make into his man cave with limitations of course. hahaha Watching sports, or store his stuff for work in. When the kids were born it quickly became their hang out place. It was nice in the summer they were both born when it was hot, they could chill out in the back room with the sliding doors open and we could still be sat right outside the doors and catch the sun, as there is no shade outside.

I choose hardwood and tile throughout the whole downstairs except for our living room. It’s easier to clean and helps with Buba’s allergies to dust. I invested in a good swifter mop and I was set. 

The uPVC Doors are perfect to keep the light coming in but the cold out. I remember our old house didn’t have proper doors and you could stand near it and feel the wind blow. Having my desk right next to the door it was a must that I didn’t feel the draft as well as having kids in the house and not wanting those monthly heating bills high. 


These white nesting tables were from Next and the matching black chandelier lamps are from Tesco. Thank you Tesco Club vouchers. They have some fabulous home decor pieces. The nesting tables are great when you have company to whip out to set drinks and nibbles on. I also am a huge fan of candles in my house. I am one of those people though that have candles I burn all the time and candles that are just for looks and will never be lit. 


My absolute favorite part of the house is our view from our back room and office. I can sit on my pouf, typing away and look out onto my new finished garden as I am doing right now, or sit with a lovely glass of wine with Mr P and peer out. It’s a peaceful well lit room, that I spend a lot of time in.  

What do you think of my decorating? What is your favorite style of decorating?

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19 thoughts on “Back Room / Office Tour”

  1. Oh that’s a great little bijou office – and nice to be able to be all together while you cook – I sometimes wish our kitchen was a bit more open plan!

    • Thanks Alice, hope you will check out my other room tours then too. I have a dream office I will be sharing soon. But for now I will have to make this mini space work for me and the kids. lol

  2. It really DOES look peaceful yet inspiring Jenny. I can see how I would gaze out into the garden for my inspiration 🙂

  3. Your house looks beautifully co-ordinated and so neat. We will be inheriting a corner sofa when our renovation work is complete and I cannot wait to have a big space to collapse at the end of the day!

    • Thank you so much Clare. I decorated it four weeks before I had my first baby so was in a rush but now taking the time to go back and do more things that match my personality. I wish I hadn’t rushed it. Maybe the next house I can do slowly room by room. Glad you like it.

  4. It’s a lovely and very tranquil room, must be a pleasure to sit in and enjoy the view! Thank you for sharing 🙂 #loveyourhome

    • It’s the shortness in me that makes my legs go numb. Can’t reach the ground in normal chairs. Exercise balls are great for that too. Lol glad you like.


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