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Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:29 am

If there is one thing that takes me out of my bad mood and makes me smile, it’s instagram. I follow so many amazing snap happy instagrammers that inspire me, motivate me, and make me realize there is no need for grumpiness. I have not had the easiest month of January but we are ending on a high note ready to be creative, be brave and smile. I think sometimes we have to kick ourselves into a better mood and stop letting it get the best of us. I have been down longer than normal and I doved into instagram today to find happiness and found it among so many great feeds. 

This is one of the reasons I loved creating my little hashtag instagram community called #lifecloseup. If you haven’t heard of it or had a chance to join in, please do. It’s so fun to see so many different feeds coming together. All you have to do is share any zoomed in snapshots of life’s little moments and use the hashtag. Please come share with me. It’s a great place to get to know other instagram feeds as well. I have already found so many new people to follow. 

THIS WEEK’S FAVORITE INSTAGRAMMERS ON #LIFECLOSEUP:#lifecloseup an instagram community

ajoygreater, iamalisonperry, coolbananasblog

simple_summit_bibi , thislittlecorner, mommys.vanity

savvysweetlife , theordinarylovely, espressie

My instagram is never just one style or theme. I know they say you should have a certain style or theme and stick to it. This is supposed to make your instagram feel more concrete. But I have too many passions. My love for food snapping will never end but I am care not to flood too many at my followers as most of you aren’t into the food captures as much as I am. Of course, I have to spam my kiddos as much as possible they are my pride and joy. I have a love for styling little corners of my house and rearranging my shelves constantly. Even lately I am loving the look of flat lays. Still haven’t mastered them yet but working on it. Practice, practice, practice, right? What do you think should an instagram be all one style & theme or do you like to mix it up too? 

MY OWN FAVORITE CAPTURES ON #LIFECLOSEUP:#lifecloseup an instagram community

I love that on instagram it doesn’t matter if some of your photos are grainy, its more about the moments that they represent and share with others. My iPhone seems to be ultra blurry lately as I think I scratched the screen but I can’t help but share those quick moments captured. 

Do you like taking close up captures? Come join me and the gang that is forming over on instagram. I share my favorites every Sunday and I love meeting new instagrammers to share their life stories through zoomed in captures. You can see more of my instagram feed below just click the button and come follow me. 

follow me on instagram button #lifecloseup

10 thoughts on “Create, be brave and smile #lifecloseup”

  1. Yay! Thank you for including my pic Jenny. I’m the same – Instagram can lift my mood in seconds. It’s such an inspiring place to hang out. Love your photos this week. Some beautiful moments xx

  2. There are some beautiful and inspiring pictures. I dont think I have a theme really but i try to keep all my photos bright and colourful. I love all the flat lays too, but I tried recently and its harder than it looks!

  3. I’m a fan of a mixed up IG feed. I think it should reflect you and your blog. Not many people are really uncluttered, pretty, and pale natural colours. A bit of a buzz and excitement is more me and what I like to see (although I do follow some with plain neutral themes).

    I think yours is pretty recognisable as you. It’s fairly neutral and pale backgrounds but with a pop of colour. That reflects in your blog as well.

    • Oh that’s good I never thought my blog and ig matching so glad it does! Win win. lol As long as it’s me who you recognize it all with than I guess I shall continue. 🙂 Always good to hear what people think.

    • Thanks lovely oh I hate even the slightest grainy blurr. I love crisp lovely photos but my iphone is scratched now and I can’t pulled out the dslr every daily capture of a good moment hahaha Need a new phone I guess. 🙂 But thank you for your kind words.

  4. Thank you for including one of my photos this week, Jenny! I L-O-V-E Instagram. I’m loving the #lifecloseup community and all the lovely images. Looking forward to seeing more of your favorites and discovering new IG feeds to follow along the way.

    • Thanks lovely it’s such a lovely little place to community and get to know others. I am loving so many new ones joining in each week. Hope it keeps growing and growing. 🙂


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