Milestones of him, her, them ~ living arrows 11/52

Last updated on November 16th, 2023 at 05:17 pm

I over hear you say,

Missy Moo come this way,

Helping her to play,

Her guidance come what may.

I see her reach for your face,

Trying to keep up with your pace,

Loving you and leaving her trace,

Invading each other’s space.


You have such a sensitive side to your emotions but there is no gentleness when it comes to play. You are getting so tall and big now, and you really love to rough house. Your cheekiness is showing it’s face, and you have quicken your pace. Mommy spends most the day chasing you around the house while you giggle and search franticly for your next hiding place.



Your happy spirit grows and grows, I can’t get enough of it. You are hardly without a smile on that pretty little face. Those teeth are giving you some trouble now, but those fingers are helping sooth the pain. You have become a messy, messy eater, but I let you go at your own pace, guiding you just in case.



 Together you love watching each other, especially during meal times. If I am doing one with the other, the other wants to join in too. Buba you don’t like your picture taken without your sister in it too. I wanted a solo photo of you and here you are yelling at me to take one of Missy Moo. Never giving your sister space.  But I am ever so grateful that you always make sure I am fair to the both of you, making me want to kiss your face!

6 thoughts on “Milestones of him, her, them ~ living arrows 11/52”

  1. Such beautiful words and so wonderful to see and be part off. I feel what you have put down in words so eloquently mirror my two also. Baby girl is 4.5 and baby boy 21 months and the love they show to each other makes me love them even more. Maybe as an only child I am loving watching their relationship grow and develop. Watching him reach out his hand for ‘cece play’ and her making sure he has a toy to play with or a gift if she gets one from mummy or daddy. Precious precious times and moments. Enjoy x

    • Oh thank you for such a sweet comment. So glad you get to experience the same with your two too. It truly is magical. I am ever so lucky to be a part of it all. Makes me want more kids. Sibling love is amazing. I am from a huge family (8) so I know first hand how amazing it feels. I am glad you get to witness and experience it through your little ones. You can live vicariously threw them! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. 😉

    • Thanks Carie. I know their smiles are infectious for sure, along with their laughter. If only I could share that in a photo. They never let me video them. lol


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