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Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 08:19 pm

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Buba, you are starting to look like a young little boy and not a toddler anymore. I can’t believe how tall you have grown in the last few weeks too. Your speech is getting more clear and we can hold full conversations with you now. You are constantly being cheeky and funny which keeps us all laughing. At the same time, you also have been struggling with eating, what is put in front of you, all of the sudden and the whining is at an all time high. You don’t know how to understand your emotions quite yet. This week we got to ride your first proper bike and you were in heaven. It will take a little longer for you to take off on your own but you are loving this new adventure. 


Missy Moo, you are up on your feet and going, going, GONE! You are climbing everything in sight, and pulling up on anything that can hold your body weight to have a walk around. I don’t think it will be long before you are walking even though only a few weeks ago I was thinking you were nowhere near it. You love to prove me wrong. Today, we even bought you your very first pair of Clarks shoes. You were so curious what the lady was doing measuring your feet and when you took your first cruise around the store, you didn’t really know what to think about your new shoes. But as always you take everything in stride and with a smile on your face. 


Together you are both true siblings! You love each other unconditionally. You are obsessed with each other’s whereabouts and ongoings. You test each other’s patience. You pick on each other just to see the other squirm. This is not a one way sibling love, you both equally torment and play with the other. Either way it is such a blessing to watch you both grow up together. And lately you both love to make the other laugh and do silly things. Whether it’s making faces and sticking out your tongues at each other or poking each other’s eyes. For some reason you both love doing this. Mommy and Daddy, not so much. Somehow row, row, row your boat, here, turned into a human pile up and a giggle fest. It was a great sound coming from the living room. I was impressed how gentle you were, Buba, once Missy Moo fell backwards on you. I stood waiting for you to throw her off of you. You both stayed like this for the longest time, giggling. May you both continue giggling long into old age, together. 

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16 thoughts on “Milestones of him, her, them ~ living arrows 24/52”

  1. They always look so close and like their bond is getting stronger each month. Z is going through a similar stage as Bubba with his emotions. I think it must be really overwhelming for them with a sorta of feelings hitting them all at once. Missy Moo looks so happy, she is going to just he a little speedster with her push along toy isn’t she? 🙂

    • Yes speedster for sure. A little too fast on the kitchen tile for my liking but she doesn’t ever stop. Kinda like her momma that way. I agree I think the boys emotions are just all of the sudden and they think what do I do with these. Thanks for your lovely comment.

    • Thank you so much Kara. Yes, they sure do. If you saw baby pictures of Buba they look identical! It’s so cute. Thanks for stopping by and commenting lovely.

    • Thank you Sian. You are so sweet. I am very grateful to have very smiley happy children. Well mostly, the toddler has a few new moments of crazy! lol


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