Milestones of him, her, them ~ living arrows 28/52

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Buba is loving all the various parks to visit, beaches to swim at, and jungle gyms to climb on here in America. He has never been so happy as he has been here. There is so much for him to do and so much space for him to run around and not feel confined in. He really has been the ultimate explorer too. Getting braver on bigger jungle gyms, swimming farther out into the lake making me so nervous. He really is growing up so very fast. He will soon be 3 in August, and I look over at him and wonder how the last three years went so fast. It seems just like yesterday he was Missy Moo age. 


Missy Moo loves having so much space to be free and look around. An eagle flew overhead the other day and she was in awe of it. She loves the river views and hearing all the sounds of nature. Pointing and shouting excitedly when she hears or sees something new which is her new favorite thing to do. We sit out looking over the river, at peace with it all as a family. She is definitely a water baby too. She loves the water and playing in the sand which I was surprised at but so relieved as we have been living at the beach or on the river since we got here. 


They are loving all our picnics at the beach together, swimming in the lakes, and exploring America. There is so many things to do in the sun here there is hardly any done time. I am enjoying showing them all the places I used to play at as a child and doing all the things I did with my family now with them. We are really making amazing memories on this trip, ones I will cherish forever. It’s great for them both to learn my culture and get to know my family just as much. 

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12 thoughts on “Milestones of him, her, them ~ living arrows 28/52”

    • Thanks Sara. They are my favorite. It’s a great way to watch them grow up individually and together each week. Especially at this age where they change so much. I am planning on putting them all in a book at the end of the year for both kids.

  1. Such lovely photos Jenny. And it sounds like they are having an amazing time enjoying their American roots. It sounds so lovely to be having so many outdoor adventures, no wonder the kids are so happy. x

  2. Yes, our children grow up so quickly, but it’s fun watching them do that! Love what you said about making memories with them…those memories are for them as well as us! 🙂 #magicmoments

    • Thanks Paul. I know I couldn’t agree more. It’s amazing to share my memories with them and it become their memories too. Very emotional to be home and share my culture with them.


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