Looking for a SPONSOR for BritMums Live 2014

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 sponsorpicAs a parent and life style blogger, a whole new world has opened up, one of opportunity, relationships, and more. My blog and social media networks have given me the opportunity to work with brands/companies and interact with hundreds of supportive, friendly people, online.  It has been a fantastic journey. So when I found out there was a grand event for parent bloggers called BritMums Live! I had to jump at the opportunity to attend.  I am excited to learn more about blogging, build more relationships with other companies, and hopefully share all about my sponsor at this event.

BritMums Live is the biggest blogging event of the year just for parents and run by the UK’s largest parent blogging network of more than 4,000 bloggers, with more than 500 attendees this is a grand event.


I have just turned 30 and am a mother to two young ones, a 2 ½ year old boy and a 7 month old girl. I married my holiday sweetheart, six years ago and moved from America to England for love. Let’s Talk Mommy is my place in the world to share all the happenings in my life, and with two young ones there is a lot happening.

Although I have only been a mommy blogger since September 2013, I am very active in the online community and social networking. Weekly you can find me joining bloggers’ linkys and blog hops, I am online daily building relationships and making sure my current relationships with my readers and my fellow bloggers stay strong. I am very active on Twitter with almost 500 followers already and growing everyday. Daily, I am sharing my blog posts via Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+ Communities. Even though I am relatively new, I am on the fast track of building my brand across the Internet and developing partnerships with companies, like you. I am also a part of BritMums, Netmums, and Tots100, which are vast online communities for parent bloggers.

I appreciate that you may be approached by numerous bloggers in the run up to this event so here is why you should sponsor me…

I have worked with a number of big brands for product reviews and giveaways. I have always received positive feedback from the companies involved as well as a great response from my readers. I am passionate about my blog and committed to providing honest good quality posts and building great relationships with the companies I work with. I only work with companies that are a great match to my children, my blog, my readers and me.


I can be the “blogger on the ground” at the event for you and your company.

Promote your company on my blog with a blog post, competition, review, and/or an advertisement.

  • Advertisement – up to six months advertising in my sidebar;
  • Host a competition and/or review for one of your products;
  • Introduce your company as my sponsor in a post;
  • Include your brand name in all my BritMums Live post leading up to the event;

Promote your company on social networks:

  • Introduce your company as my sponsor via all social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+;
  • Tweet about your company, your products, upcoming promotions and/or sales, before and during the event:

Wear branded clothing or use your products at the event;

Display your logo on my business cards, for the event; 


I am looking for a sponsor that can help with the cost of this two-day event in London, from my ticket for the event, my travel expenses to and from the event, to my accommodation for the weekend. My sponsor can donate to one or all three of these. Please contact me to discuss a possible “win-win” partnership. I am more than happy to discuss other options or negotiate longer advertising needs, if preferred! All I ask is you give an opportunity to a new blogger growing rapidly, that only needs you to say, YES!

Jenny Taylor at Let’s Talk Mommy

Email: letstalkmommy@mail.com




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