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I had the pleasure of reading some awesome “A-Z of Me” from fellow bloggers like Hurrahforgin, 3 Children & It, The Oliver’s Madhouse, and the 40yearolddomesticgoddess to name a few. This exercise is hitting the blogging world by storm and a wonderful way to get to know more personal details about the blogger themselves. (not that we can’t tell already from their posts) It is also a fun exercise. Check out the “Secrets of me from A-Z”.az

A for Anxiety – I am an “anxiety attack” waiting to erupt on most days. I try to multitask (see M) too much which usually blows up in my face.

B for Babies – I would love to have more babies. If I had more money to fly home with them all, I would have at least four more. Babies are amazing, innocent, cuddly, sweet smelling and have a laughter that can melt even the toughest critics.

C for Cooking – I love to try new recipes out, but I am no chef!

D for Dinner parties – I love hostessing dinner parties at our house. There is nothing better than having your “sugar lumps” tucked up in their own beds, sound asleep and being able to entertain and enjoy our time with friends and family knowing we can pop upstairs to check on them at any time.

E for Enthusiastic – Some might call me OTT instead of enthusiastic but I like to get really excited about everything.

F for Family/Friends – Both are one in the same. Some of my friends are more family to me than my own family. It’s whoever loves and supports you no matter what, that matters most.

G for Grey’s Anatomy – My favorite TV drama.

H for Holidays – I am in pure ecstasy when the holidays come around, whether it’s Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, the holidays just give off so many happy vibes. It’s easy to get enthusiastic  about them. (see E)(except for missing my family/friends back home of course).

I for Impatient – I have no patience, never have, probably never will, and this just gets worse with age. I will stomp my feet like a two year old if I have to wait for things, especially when things are downloading!!!

J for Jogging – I hate running of any kind but I do it anyways. I only jog because that’s what works for my body to stay trim or if someone throws the ‘do it for charity’ at me. I have a soft heart.

K for Kites – I have never flown a kite before but it looks like so much fun.

L for Love/Laughter – No way can I pick between the two, both make people feel happy, safe, and supported. I love hard, and laugh loud. I am extremely loud so maybe L should also be for loud.

M for Multitasking – I will attempt as many activities, household chores, and to do’s as I possibly can, until I have an anxiety attack. (see A) A normal multitasking evening would be cooking dinner, rocking Missy Moo in my arms, singing the Wheels on the Bus to Buba while he runs around my legs in circles, and reading blogs on the laptop next to the stove between stirring my spaghetti sauce. That isn’t even a challenge.

N for Nickname – My mother gave me the worse nickname in the world, Merdle, and has always used it in public. Not so nice when she shouted it at sports events growing up, in front of all my friends.

O for OCD – My OCD has lessened since I had children. It had to or I would have killed over. Nevertheless my OCD is still there hidden and sometimes the littlest things out of place can make me crazy. i.e. shoes in front of the front door! hint hint

P for Positive People Person –  This says it all.

Q for Quilts – I secretly like to hand stitch quilt tops while watching TV. I know old lady at heart.

R for Reading – I love reading. Wish I had a library in my house, maybe someday. If I start a good book, I will stay up all night just to finish it.

S for Shopping – I am a shop-a-holic, especially online shopping. Its just too easy, quick, and convenient.

T for Travelling – Travelling is a huge part of my life, mostly because I live in the UK and am from the USA so I fly back and forth to see family and friends a lot. I travel well, my husband P, not so much, Buba and Missy Moo are amazing travellers. They don’t know anything else. To be on a plane for 18 ormore hours is just normal in this family.

U for Umbrellas – I hate carrying umbrellas. They are a pain in the ass. If it’s windy, they blow away. If it’s raining sideways, they are pointless.  After using one, they are wet, what are you supposed to do with them then?

V for Vouchers – I am a discount queen. I love outlet malls.

W for Writing – Ever since I was little, I wanted to write. I didn’t care what I wrote down but I loved it. I would make up diaries and pretend my sister wrote them. I would write poems in those black and white notebooks. I would make lists of all the things I wanted to do when I grew up. The list is endless of what I wrote down growing up and today it’s still a big part of my life, clearly.

X for X-rays – Just because I couldn’t think of another word starting with X,  I blame baby brain.

Y for Yoga – I love yoga, more so Bikram Yoga which is a hot yoga. It makes your body feel cleansed and healthy.

Z for Zodiac sign – My sign is a capricorn. I couldn’t be a more Type A personality, OCD, stubborn capricorn if I tried. Even more challenging I married another Capricorn.

Now you know my secrets, what are yours? I would love to hear other bloggers’ “A-Z of Me”! Please don’t forget to link back to here, and tag bloggers you want to get to know too.

23 thoughts on “Secrets of me from A-Z”

    • We all know how hard it is to do that. lol Yes I would love a big family, but not going to happen sadly. But I am grateful I have two amazing kiddies already. Definitely do it. Took me awhile to think of one for each letter.

    • Thanks Luci, hahaha don’t fear a capricorn they usually always do really well in school, top grades, and are high motivators to achieve!!! 😉 Our ocd and type A personalities come in handy!

  1. Lovely to read some more about you Jenny! I adore travelling it’s a huge part of my life but unfortunately I don’t do as much of it since having my girls. I also hate carrying umbrella’s I would rather get wet! x

    • Thank you Katie, that means a lot. When I first sat down to write it, I thought should I be general or real, real is always best but at the risk that my very few followers might run away! 😉 hahaha

    • Thank you. I wasn’t sure people wouldn’t run the opposite directions instead. lol Been wanting to do it for awhile. You should do your own A-Z its fun, definitely whirling around the blogging world. 😉

    • Yeah another Grey’s lover! If you like Grey’s the same writer’s wrote the show Scandal. it’s a fab one too! Keep an eye out for it, should be back on soon. As always no need to thank me, thank you for hosting a fabulous linky! So innovative, I hope you win that category! lol 😉

  2. You are SO right about umbrellas, dastardly contraptions that they are (and yet oh so useful!) – thanks for linking up to #AllAboutYou, I must draft my A-Z one day

    • Any time, glad I came across it. Lovely linky. I am so clumsy me and umbrellas just don’t mix, ever. hahaha Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you again soon.


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