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Last updated on November 16th, 2023 at 04:52 pm

Welcome to ‘share with me’ linky, week two! Thank you everyone for the support and linking up last week for week one! I couldn’t believe 13 people linked up with me in the first week, thank you ever so much for all the support!

Since I am a new blogger I want to get a chance to read more blogs and meet more bloggers every week, so I will be hosting ‘share with me’ linky for a chance to do just that.

This week, I want to share with you all, a poem I wrote:


The lights of fireflies dance upon us,
Sipping champagne until dusk.
Holding your soft warm hand,
Falling in love with you again and again.

Wake with morning delight,
See our two babies who might,
One day feel love like we do,
Long after they have said “I do”.

Their laughter mixes with yours,
I smile as I hear it all through the doors,
Breakfast is sizzling on the stove,
This perfect home, this perfect cove.

This poem was the first poem I ever wrote on my blog, about my husband and children. I never believed in that cliche, love at first sight, or soul-mates until I met Mr. P. We met in Mexico, both on vacation and have been inseparable since. All too often, I find myself doing ordinary things like cooking at the stove and wondering how I got so lucky. I  stumbled into his life and now have two beautiful, loving children with him. I hope one day, they both find true love, love that fills them up and takes over their whole heart completely. That is what this poem is about and it not only ‘melts my heart’, it moves me so deeply to think that they might never have what Mr. P. and I have, I pray hard that they do. I will cherish that day, as I cooked breakfast, and listened to the sweet sounds of my family laughing. It was a moment of gratefulness for everything I have.

Now let’s get this party started, link an new or old favorite post up with the ‘share with me’ badge in the post or on your sidebar so we all know where you are partying. I will return the favor and tweet your post.

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9 thoughts on “Share With Me ~ wk 2”

    • Thanks Mel that’s so sweet of you. It sounds cheesy when you aren’t in love, if someone read that to me or told me this is how I will feel I would have laughed and pretend puked, but it happened to me luckily because I was love’s biggest critic!

    • Thank you Karen, I love writing poetry. I write every Thursday and link up with the fabulous Victoria Welton for Prose for Thought if you like poetry yourself. I find it easier to write poems about things I have experiences, little moments. This is one of them. Glad you liked it. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    • Thank you Sara. It’s one that is special to me, I will always remember that moment standing in the kitchen at the stove. I love writing poetry about things i have experienced, seen, heard, or done. It makes it feel more real.


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