Polar Bear Santa Sack Giveaway

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:16 am

I absolutely love the idea of a Santa Sack. I think they are especially brilliant when you have two small nosy toddlers like I do! I was worried what I was going to do this year to keep them from tearing pre-wrapped presents under the tree open. I have never heard or seen a Santa sack before except of course the one that good old Saint Nick carries before I moved to the UK. This year I have seen tons out in the shops and in magazines. I now see the the love for them after having them ourselves.

I fell in love with this Polar Bear printed Santa sack the moment it arrived from Buddy and Bear! I was only too excited that Buba and Missy Moo were both sent one so I could have one for each child, only fair. They are fabulous. They look great with our traditional Christmas tree and black decor in the back room too. The draw string is really easy to cinched shut and they are large enough you can really pack them full of so much. I was really impressed with how much I fit in for the kids.

Santa Sack Polar Bear Giveaway From Buddy And Bear

It also made me get organized this year, usually I wait until the night before Christmas to wrap all the presents. It’s nice that I have somewhere safe to put them from little fingers tearing the paper off on the corner’s of every present. *speaking from experience. So Buba has his own Santa sack and Missy Moo has her own. We didn’t go all out this year nor last year as the kids are so very young still but it’s nice to see we got the same amount for each. I always think in terms of fair when it comes to my two kids. I know, too well, how siblings are when one gets more than the other. We don’t do presents in stockings yet as they are too young for that but I know they will squeeze with excitement when they pull the draw string to their Santa sack open on Christmas day.

The best thing about these I think is that I can really use them all year round. It’s a cute little polar bear what’s not to love? It would be perfect for the kids’ toys in their bedrooms or use to transfer laundry from upstairs to downstairs from the kids’ rooms. I may have even used once already to transfer packages for the post office as I sell a ton of things on eBay these days. So it is multipurpose polar bear sack and at only £15 pounds why not scoop one up or get lucky below and win one!

Santa Sack Polar Bear Giveaway From Buddy And Bear

30 thoughts on “Polar Bear Santa Sack Giveaway”

  1. I love this – it’s so different to any other Christmas sacks I’ve seen.

    I’m a sucker for anything with polar bears on!


    Jenna xx

  2. That is such a neat idea! I am kind of a perfectionist when it comes to wrapping presents, and a few years ago I had all the gifts neatly wrapped and hiding in my room…my then 3 year old snuck into my room and unwrapped every single present! It was almost Christmas and I had to hurriedly rewrap all the gifts, meaning I didn’t get to be my normal, perfectionist self. These Santa Sacks would’ve saved me so much stress that year!! Now, I just wait until right before Christmas since I still have a 3 year old lol!

    • I used to wait till christmas eve too. But I did it all early this year and put them in the santa sacks and the kids have no idea they are full of presents. They just think they are sat there to look the part. hahaha So far got away with it.


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