Love the little things #22

Last updated on November 16th, 2023 at 06:14 pm

When it flies by as quick as it does, make sure to stop and take it all in, even the little things. 

Joining in with Butwhymummywhy to cherish the little things this week. 


I have been reading none stop this week, if you would believe. Besides all the amazing blogs, I try so desperately to keep up with, I am trying to branch out my cooking skills, reading some fab new recipe books that I bought. I also want to add some finishing touches around the house now that we are getting rid of the big baby stuff like the bouncer that took up half our living room and the single stroller that is taking up the dining room. I have been looking through home decor books and magazines like crazy for inspiration. I used to want to be home interior decorator so it’s always been an obsession of mine. I will be blogging a lot more about it when I return from my trip. I can’t wait. I love this book called Happy Home. It’s full of vibrant colors and corky ideas! I need to branch out of my neutrals and into some color in my life!



We watched the Great Gatsby. I had read the book years and years ago and loved it. So I was curious to see if the movie would hold up to the book. I always find the books are better than the movies in most scenarios. And even though I liked this movie, the book was still better, I thought. The trailer is amazing, check it out. Makes me want to watch it again. 


I finally broke down to see what all the fuss is about these adult onesies. I am a bargain hunter especially if I don’t know if I will like something or not, so I got these at Tesco for £7. I haven’t slept as good in weeks as I did last night. Maybe it’s pure exhaustion, finally catching up with me or it was the onesie. I voted onesie and now I’m in search for some more trendy ones. If you know any, leave me a comment. lol Would love nice ones for my vacation next month as it gets cold at night where we are going. Excuse my sleepy eyes and yesterday’s makeup. lol I just woke up. I know I don’t always wash my makeup off, so sue me!



Frankie Ballard – Helluva Life

A great song to listen to this week, while I have been so busy having a helluva life for sure. This week has been jammed pack with ongoings and there is nothing better than a good song to go along with it all. 


This Sunday is Missy Moo’s 1st birthday party slash Christening so I have been finalizing all the party aspects and finishing the decorations. I was so very pleased with the outcome of all of them. The tassel garland below was one of my favorites. Click the photo to see more decorations I made for the celebrations. 


And lastly…

I finished phase three on my garden this week too. Everything is planted and the bark has been laid down. It is looking beautiful. And with a little sunshine last week they are starting to bloom and turning our backyard into a mini oasis. I can’t wait to get the grass greener and add some outdoor living furniture to finish it off! Click the photo to check out the rest of the garden. 



24 thoughts on “Love the little things #22”

  1. A gorgeous week Jenny Jen! I love Missy Moo’s garland – all your decorations are so tasteful and pretty! The onesie is fabulous too, and your garden looks amazing – swing by here after your trip and start work on ours, would you? 🙂 Have a great weekend lovely! Xx

  2. Oooooo Onsie’s I am a HUGE fan and love yours! I get mine from Boux Avenue, they do some really lovely ones, you should take a look. You have done such a amazing job on the garden! You should be very proud!

  3. Firstly – if you look this good first thing in the morning then it doesn’t really matter what you’re wearing 😉 I used to love to flick through an interiors book but I can’t bring myself to do it nowadays because we just don’t live in that kind of world in my house!! I love a bit of Di Caprio and that is an amazing trailer. Despite reading The Great Gatsby for my degree though (American Literature!) or maybe because of, I shy away from the movie… Have a fun weekend hon 🙂 X #LittleLoves

    • Ya I preferred the book for sure but still liked the movie. My kids usually end up ripping mommys books. Boo not that kind of house here either. More of a hide them and read during nap time. Lol thank you for your compliment you are sweet.

  4. You rock the onesie Jenny!! We watched the great gatsby the other week, & i thought the graphics were awesome, but the film was a little bah. The Wolf of wall street is scheduled for this weekend here :). Love all your party bits, been showing you IG love for those. Have a fab weekend xx

    • Thanks for the IG love!! So sweet of you. Just finishing a few pieces now. Onesies are great. That movie is on my list too maybe next week though. So much going on here now. Lol

  5. I adore Leo. He was my big teen crush and even now I still love him. Gatsby is such a beautiful film.

    I’m a massive fan of a onesie. So cosy 🙂 have a lovely (and busy knowing you super woman) weekend 🙂

    • Hahahah what I did today probably would make peoples head spin. But to me it was just a normal day rushing about. My poor kids. Hahaha a mother that never stops. Off to finish last minute decorations and do my hair for tomorrow!!

  6. ooooh I just love it all! I must be the only person in the world to have not seen The Gatsby film yet… shocking because I’m such a Leo fan!

    You look awesome in a onesie… My vote lies with the onesie too – lol!

    Hope you have a lovely day today – praying for sunshine for you 🙂 xx

    • Thanks Kerry so much. I hope for great weather for the party tomorrow. Onesies definitely all the way. So much to do still the night before but excited. I just saw it tonight again for a bit at my BFF. Hahaha it seems to be everywhere. Lol

  7. Onesies are banned from this house. I’m yet to be drawn in to that craze. Loving all your party ideas. My eldest is four in October and I’m just starting to think about his. Pinterest will be my best friend in this 🙂

    • I said that too until I wore one. I haven’t bought any for the kids and probably won’t. I also wouldn’t wear mine ever in public like some do. Lol Pinterest is the best for birthdays.

  8. Love your Little Loves, Jenny! And welcome to the dark side as far as onesies are concerned 😉

    I really want to watch The Great Gatsby, but I’m a little nervous as I’ve read and loved the book, so don’t want it ruined for me- do you think it’s worth a try, even though you said the film wasn’t as good?

    Hope you’re having a great weekend!


    • Yes it still give you a different perspective and is enjoyable. Books are always going to win in my opinions but I still love to see the movies. Definitely watch. Yes already scoping for some more trendy onesies for myself. Lol

  9. Your onesie is lovely, you look great in it. Joules do a nice one, and they’re sometimes in the Cheshire Oaks outlet shop if you’re there on the right day. I can see myself giving into a onesie as a Autumn approaches!

    Beautiful colours in the garden, and I can’t wait to see the pictures of Missy Moo’s 1st birthday party.

    Have a wonderful week xx

  10. You’ve had such a lovely week, busy again, I don’t know how you find the energy for it all! *whispers* we’ve just signed the P&S on a new house… I’ll be looking for interiors inspiration soon too, as this house needs everything done!

    • Thank you so much Katie. I need to invest in a more trendy onesie though. I went for the £7 one to test it out first. Now that I love it. It’s shopping time for some cute ones. lol Thanks I loved making all the decorations for her party.

    • Thank you hunny. Yes I daresay he has been jypted one too many times for an Oscar. Good to see you at the party, and you got to see my decor first hand. Glad you liked it. Look forward to seeing you this weekend too!


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