Love the little things #36

Last updated on November 17th, 2023 at 05:22 pm

Happy Friday Everyone!

I am finally back and getting on UK time. Hurray! This week has flown by and already our calendar is packed full. It’s good to be back and in the swing of our normal routines though. I am loving not living out of a suitcase that’s for sure but am sad and missing my family and friends too. 


I have vowed while in the states I will read a book a month if I can. I have found I miss a book in my hand at night in bed. We have always had a no tv in bed rules (allow on winter nights I wish we could throw this agreement out the window). But I love to curl up with a good book. This past year I have been reading more blogs than I have books and while I don’t mind, I love both I really miss it. I just bought this book today and I can’t wait to get tucked in! 

big little lies book


Little Big Town – Day Drinking


I am back in the UK now and settling in after a hard few days of jet lag. Mr P has left today for the states for a 9 day golf trip. How convenient I know? haha So I have power of the remote each night and I am catching up on all my American shows I have missed. Unforgettable, Scandal, and the finale of Nashville. WOW! It’s been a great week of tv too. These shows do not disappoint. 


It’s all about the princess this week. Back in the UK and our dresses are not needed so we have had to go on a little shopping spree for the upcoming winter. I am in love with these blahblah leggings from John Lewis and these gorgeous pink DKNY corduroy pants from Hurley Kids (bargain sale). kids fashion


I have been seriously slacking in the kitchen these past two weeks. I haven’t been able to dedicate time to cook something yummy and style the photos lovely for you all! I promise next week I am back in the game! 

And lastly…

I am so excited to announce that next week is my one year BLOG ANNIVERSARY! And to celebrate with a bang I am hosting a giveaway EVERYDAY starting Monday to Sunday! I hope you all will join me each day to find out what I am giving away and enter to win! My way of saying thank you so much for all the support and blog love!


7 thoughts on “Love the little things #36”

  1. Great minds about the leggings Jenny, they are so cute aren’t they? And I agree about the reading, with only so much time in the day I have been seriously slacking when it comes to reading books as reading blogs takes up so much of my time- but for the last month I have been going to bed earlier and reading my book. I really love it. Happy blog anniversary! x

  2. Happy Bloggerversary! Funny how quickly a year goes isn’t it?
    I miss books too. I have always loved reading in the bath but since I only manage about 6 baths a year it’s had a big impact on my book reading 🙁
    Have a lovely week Jenny xxx

    • Thanks hunny for the lovely comment. I used to love reading in the bath too. I am the same only a few a year. It’s so exciting. I am just revamping my living room but will be in full force the following week. Can’t wait.

  3. Great #littleloves. I’m the same,ive got really bad for reading books, I think one a month is a great idea and achievable! Love your little girls leggings. Hope ye are over the jet lag and you get a break from the kiddies over the 9 days your husband is away xxxx

  4. How cute does M look?? I have my eye on the other pair of leggings in the Donna Wilson range for E. Wish we had a John Lewis nearer to us.
    Let me know how you get on with that book… I might have to borrow it from you when you’re done 😉
    Have a great week lovely xx

    • Always can borrow! Thanks hunny. I know I have my eye on the other pair for MM too! Love the leggings this season! You too and I will see you tomorrow morning for coffee!


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