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Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:27 am

It’s the end of the month, again. I know I really should expect it by now it happens every single month but sometimes it really does sneak up on me on so many levels. This month started out great as we were in sunny Marbella, Spain the second week of November. We got super lucky with the weather and swam everyday with the kids. It was a lovely mini getaway to see friends, soak up that last bit of sunshine and store it for winter. Please forgive me for our bright and sunny family captures at a time that it isn’t even getting light during the day. The weather has been truly shocking since we got back home.

This month has been a blur from our trip to Spain to preparing for Thanksgiving and then celebrating our big special day this week so I have not stopped once. We also had builders in finishing a few things in the house this month as well as putting in a walk-in wardrobe. I never thought a tiny little wardrobe could make such a big MESS. I was kicked out of the bedroom for over a week and the kids and I had to carefully maneuver our way to the bath and their beds each night. There was so much dust throughout the house I have been vacuuming and dusting everyday.

Me & Mine November a monthly family portrait projectMe & Mine November a monthly family portrait project  MOMMY IS LOVING…

Celebrating Thanksgiving. 

The word tablescapes and setting a festive table.

Our trip to Spain to see friends and last minute sunshine.



Sun on his back in Spain

Great Britain’s Davis Cup win!

Finishing the Christmas shopping before December.


dear beautiful


Sharing all about Thanksgiving for ‘Show and Tell’ at school.

Swimming with his friends in Spain.

His new bike as he was way to big for his old one.



Her gymnastics class and making new friends.

Doing homework next to her big brother doing his homework.

Wearing mommy’s heels and playing with her makeup brushes. 

Me & Mine November a monthly family portrait project

Me & Mine November a monthly family portrait project

I really do enjoy Thanksgiving but I have to say next to summer and beaches December is my favorite month of all and not just because it’s my birthday (wink, wink). I am really really looking forward to next month and all that it brings. 

This month I am sending you to the glowing and beautiful Katie at MummyDaddyMe, stop by and see her family captures. I can’t wait to see her family grow to five soon too. Her photos are always full of fun and love. 

37 thoughts on “Me & Mine {November}”

  1. Aww such gorgeous photos and I’m not jealous of the beautiful sunshine at all *wink wink*. You all look so so happy. Yay for December and yay for birthday celebrations x #MeandMine

    • Sunshine has that affect on us. Smiles all around until we landed in a blizzard in the UK upon our return hahaha I can’t wait for December. Best month ever!

  2. how refreshing to see lovely sunny pics rather than the grey miserableness I can see out my window! Loving these pics Jenny, especially the second one! Wilf plays with my make up too, I often find him having smeared on my lipstick! x

    • We really had a great time and it was needed to soak into our bones for the winter coming. My little one is too. It’s a funny thing tickling their faces isn’t it? lol Even my son does it occasionally shhh don’t tell Daddy.

  3. Extremely envious of your winter sunshine, I could sure do with some of that.

    Hope it gets you through the next few months. 🙂

    Gorgeous photos of a gorgeous family.



    PS. It was nice to meet you at Blogfest this month.

    • I hope it was enough sunshine for us all for the winter. Looks like it is going to be a dark gloomy wet one. Thank you so much. Lovely to meet you to sweets.

  4. Such beautiful photos Jenny! I am so jealous of the sun and glad you had a lovely time away! That’s so sweet that MM likes playing with your brushes and wearing your shoes, Amelia’s exactly the same and always in my make up bag. Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving x

    • Oh thank you so much lovely so sweet of you. Oh those girls they know what they like early don’t they? lol Typical won’t be long I know she will be actually using my things and borrowing things. EEk. We had a lovely time away just a small getaway but recharged our batteries.

  5. As much as I love winter I am very envious of your beautiful sunny photos – I could definitely do with a holiday! I hope you had a lovely thanksgiving xx

    • I really hope so and can’t wait to share it all. Although two weeks without internet will be a killer. lol I am hoping to pop into a few cafes just to share a little on instagram for you all while we are away. lol

  6. Oh Jenny, what beautiful captures. I loved seeing your holiday pics. So cute that B is loving his bike, this reminds me I need to get one for Rose! Both my girls love playing with my makeup brushes and heels too. So cute x

  7. These photos are beautiful Jenny… definitely brightening up a dreary day. And that location looks absolutely beautiful, it’s making me crave some sunshine BIG TIME!!! x

    • Thank you babes. It was a lovely time with friends in the sunshine and warming our backs. The kids were so happy and had a lovely time too. Glad we were able to capture these as it’s been so awful here.

  8. I say it every month but these are some of my favourites of yours Jenny. I think it is so lovely that they are so summery when it is so cold outside. You are all so gorgeous and it sounds silly but you all really suit the sunshine if that makes sense! x

    • It’s a bit weird sharing sunny photos on my blog while the rest are so dull and grey hahaha but thank you darling. It was a lovely short getaway.The sunshine suits us as much as we suit it. I would move there in a second. lol

  9. What fab pictures! I love these, and I’m super envious of your trip. There’s nothing like finally being WARM after a few crappy months in the UK. 😉

    • Oh thank you so much we really needed some sunshine to soak in our bones for sure. It really made a difference to the kids attitudes too. We are grateful to have friends to visit in amazing places too. It was lovely to catch up with them and their gorgeous kiddos.


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