Missy Moo’s Weaning Challenges

Last updated on May 6th, 2024 at 10:18 am

At 23 weeks, my little angel is growing before our very eyes. As all babies do at this stage, Missy Moo is whipping through milestones at high-speed.  I feel like there isn’t enough time in the day to sit and cherish them like I could the first time around with Buba. So I decided to start this post, “Missy Moo’s Milestones,” so I can digital store them and come back to them to enjoy, over and over again, and most importantly share them with all of you.

I mentioned last week on my Pit & Peak of the Week, Missy Moo rolling over for the first time. Fabulous milestone to witness as her grandparents and all of us were right there to see it first hand. She went lazy for a few days and didn’t attempt it again but then this weekend she managed to roll over from her back to her front, the opposite way she did the first time. It was like the light turned on and she was ready to go. Now I can no longer just leave her on the mat, she ended up half way under the Christmas tree, just in the time I had to use the bathroom this morning. Kicking myself now that I didn’t get a picture.

We started to wean her a few weeks ago, to say it’s been smooth is a big fat lie. She screams most the time like I am trying to feed her the plague. Her bottom lip comes out so far and folds over, and she even has the quivering lip down perfectly. Breaks my heart but if I have learned anything as a mother of two, I have to stay consistent, eventually we will get there. She seems to be ok with sweet potatoes and baby rice made with water not breastmilk which puzzles me. Anything else she spits, pushes it out, and blows raspberries in it. I was pre-warned that girls can be harder to wean than boys. My son ate everything in sight two-fold so I guess for me this is right.

Another new one for Missy Moo, she now grabs toys and pulls them to her mouth. A small milestone but let’s not leave any out. Buba wasn’t a chewer but man does Missy Moo go at it. She chews everything within reach, even the top of her shirt which is permanently soaked.  As a bad Mommy, I refuse to put a cloth bib on her. I hate bibs. I just can’t do it. This morning she was attempting to lean over and chew the top of my pen while I held her and made my grocery list. It’s hilarious watching her, mouth wide open, following whatever object has caught her attention.

As I began to increase her proportions at lunch and dinner, I realized that she wasn’t feeding as long at her 10 pm feed so I cut it out altogether, a few nights ago. I hope I don’t curse it now saying this so early in the game but she has slept 7 pm – 7 am all four nights without a peep. I was so nervous to do it but glad I did. I can finally go to bed early again.

I find I am more nervous to step up to each new stage with Missy Moo more than I ever was with Buba. I don’t know if it’s a second child thing or the fact that I know this is my last baby and therefore my last time experience each milestone. It’s really sad when you think of it that way. Why can’t they stay babies forever?

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