When to take away the baby blanket?

Last updated on May 6th, 2024 at 10:18 am

Buba has been hooked on his baby blankets since as long as I can remember. Yes, that’s right not one but two blankets, named Woofwoof and Stripey. One is usually adoring his neck like a towel on a boxer’s shoulders ready to fight, and the other is tossed over his head like a shawl on Gramma’s head. I have searched high and low for replacements but they are no where to be found. He has never been allowed to bring them out of the house, as we taught him early on to tell them to watch the house for us, but it doesn’t keep him from dragging them everywhere while we are home.

These two rags are everywhere now, at the table, which I didn’t let happen until I had Missy Moo, sometimes its best to choose your battles. They are there while he is playing cars or trains, he barely can escape for a bath without them out of his sight.We are constantly saying they are right here waiting for you, while he shouts for them.

I swear he must even dream about his blankies as it’s the first thing he says when he wakes up. You open his bedroom door, his eyes take awhile to open then he is searching desperately around his bed for wherever they are rolled up, hiding from his tossing and turning in the night. He bites them, chews them, pokes holes in the with his thumb, whether he is nervous, tired, sick  and all the time in between.  He plays games with them, not so safely, he loves to put them over his head and walk around the house like a monster saying, “ROAR”. It’s cute, until he rams his head into the kitchen cabinets or the edge of the door which is about 80% of the time. They are turning into disgusting rags. It’s his soother, I suppose, so at what age do we take these soothers away?

The health visitor says I should have already taken them away. Many online forums and parenting books say between 2-3 years old. My question, what harm are they doing? None. I am more worried about the disease he might catch chewing on such filth as he half mops the hardwood floors with them. On Thursdays he goes to nursery and I have to make sure I have washed and dried them before he gets home. I suppose I could wait till there is nothing left of it but will he then be unsettled at bedtime. I am sure he would get over it, as all kids do with various stages they go through, but that will be a sad transition without saying goodbye to Woofwoof and Stripey.  I have been given a few unwanted advices.

  • Give them to Santa. Give them to the Easter Bunny.
  • Sneak in while he is sleeping and say the blanket fairy took them.
  • Tell him he is a big boy now and needs to pass them onto a baby that needs them.
  • Hide them and slowly wean him off them. Give only at sleep times then slowly just at bedtime not naptimes etc.

I remember having my own baby blanket forever. I actually have it in the loft, it holds sentimental value even at 29. I loved that thing. I was A LOT older than Buba was, so I see no harm in him having them especially if he keeps them at home. I do find it hard to get him to do things as simple as changing his diaper if they are not in sight, he will yell for them and be uncooperative until I find them for him, which can be so frustrating. However, he has never asked for them while we are out or cried for them which I find weird but thankful.  So for now as Woofwoof and Stripey deteriorate, I pray they last until he decides he is done with them. They are his friends after all. If he finds security in them, so do I. Why rock the boat when there is no need to?

I asked if he is ready to give up his blankies, he said, “no blankies, bye, bye” and then finished with a wave to me “bye, bye Mommy.” So I guess I will be going first if anything has to go. 

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