My travel wishlist as a couple

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It’s no secret on here that we love to travel as a family and I will always choose a family holiday over a holiday without my kids. However, I do like to dream of places to go when the kids get older, as a couple, just husband and wife. Those places that are romantic and are full of adult things to do. As parents we tend to put ourselves on the back burner and concentrate on the kids when dreaming up holidays. We have a child with severe allergies so we tend to go to places that are safer for him. There are numerous places we would love to visit but don’t want to take the risk with the kids with us. Here are my top travel places I am dreaming for us, as a couple.


Clickstay Villas Thailand holiday vacation travel wishlist

With it’s beautiful waters, jungle greenery, and exotic foods, Thailand has been on my travel wishlist for a long time. I have heard so many great things about how beautiful the scenery is there. I think it would be so romantic to stay in a villa over looking the water and watch the sunrise and sunset with my hubby beside me. We could do all the water activities that our children aren’t quite old enough to do like canoeing. It always looks so calm, peaceful, and a great destination to relax together as a couple. We could have walks on the beach and late dinners together.


Clickstay Villas Greece holiday vacation travel wishlist

There is something so beautiful about all the white against the blue in Greece. It has always looked so tranquil. I can imagine lounging here on these private loungers with hubby and a lovely fruity cocktail beside me, soaking up the sun. I love Greek food so Greece has always be high on my list to visit just to try the local cuisine. We could stay in a private villa with a pool or we could take a cruise. I love how much Greece has to offer both to do and to see.


Clickstay Villas Croatia holiday vacation travel wishlist

It’s beauty is a major attraction and sitting on the beach with my hubby would be such a treat but I also like how much outdoor adventure there is in Croatia. We are an adventurous kind of couple so kayaking, zip-lining, boating, bike tours, and water rafting look so fun. It seems like Croatia’s jungles are full of fun things to do as a couple and those always make the most memorable holidays.


Dubai romantic getaway

What is more romantic than the two of us in Dubai? Luxury hotels, spas in the dessert, sightseeing and the architecture to wow us. It would be a lovely getaway just the two of us to spoil each other and spend quality time together. I think it’s so important to do that in a marriage or partnership. It might be a few years before we get to try out these beautiful places that the world has to offer us but we will. We have our whole lives ahead of us to plan our trips as a couple. 

Where would you go as a couple without the kids? 


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2 thoughts on “My travel wishlist as a couple”

  1. Dubai is Ashley’s number 1, I don’t forsee us ever making that a reality but it is lovely to dream.
    I would love to go to Greece too for many of the same reasons, but my number 1 is NYC, has been since I was a little girl xx

    • Oh yes NYC is nice I have been there but once you see it I promise that’s all you need to do is cross it off your list being an American it’s not what it’s cracked up to be but still enjoyed it. Definitely worth the trip though. Greece and Dubai definitely high on my list but if I do ever go it will be just me and MR P I think.


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