New School Kids, healthy cooking and my comfort zone #littleloves

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It’s officially Friday, normally this means nothing to me as I had two tots to care for and look after and work from home so I continued to do this both during the week and weekends until now. It’s my first Friday where it feels like there is a weekend ahead, a change in our normal weekly routines as we have a new school kid in the house. If you have been joining in with us new school parents on twitter you will see I am not alone with the #newschoolkids. There must have been a blogger baby boom for my son’s year. It’s great supporting each other and having others to share such a big milestone with.

This weekend I have big plans to celebrate the amazing Morgana’s birthday. She is the funnest person I know and I am in need of a girlie time so I can’t wait. Let’s hope the weather stays nice for us like this week.

instagram styling coffee #littleloves new school kids

This week we are loving…


I have been reading everyone’s experience back to school. It’s been a pleasure seeing how many toddlers braved their first days with smiles and independence. Also the brave new school moms that have taken on new roles and had to let their babies spread their wings and fly. Katie from MummyDaddyMe’s post, THE DAY YOU START SCHOOL, made me cry and is so beautifully written.


I have started Pretty Little Liars and saved on my Netflix list about ten new shows that I can’t wait to dive into this winter. I am almost caught up on Nashville and current. I totally missed MIC so there needs to be some major 4od watching here soon. What shows are you loving at the minute? Have you seen any good movies? B and I had a mother/son day and went and saw Inside Out. I cried so hard and I know it was because he was starting school and it was all about growing up. B kept saying to me, “it’s almost over, it will be ok?”


My daughter repeating this a trillion times a day for the past week, “Go get B at school, go get B at school, go get B at school”. Today, she opened her eyes from her nap and immediately said it. I hope it wears off soon. She doesn’t stop until I tell her what time because she has no concept of time, she says it a second later. It’s going to be long days until term break in October. Bless her she lost her playmate during the week.


I have been back in my “old” wardrobe and the scarves are pulled out of the back of the closet for Fall. It’s been fun sharing my outfits on instagram and trying new things with what I wear. I am completely stepping out of my comfort zone with my fashion lately. Going for trends I never thought I would pull off but loving it. Sometimes it’s so refreshing to get out of your comfort zone and try new things. My nails have been darker shades than normal too. I have been wearing midi skirts which I always thought made me look like I have funny ankles but now it’s my go to outfit. Maybe it’s with age we finally find our own individual “mom” style. What do you think of mine?

wore fashion ootd wiwt scarf ideas fall fashion #littleloves


Since this summer and my two months of healthy eating I really have change the way I cook completely for the whole family. This is one of the family favorites we have been lapping up minus the pasta for me. I have been noticing lately if I don’t eat gluten my stomach likes me a whole lot more so I am testing out and seeing how I go without it. But the rest of the family loves a good spicy pasta bowl and lots of vegetables here.This is packed full of zucchini, carrots, onions, peppers, tomatoes, cauliflower, chicken, mushrooms and more. All goodness. When I get a moment I will be sharing all my summer diet recipes and my process through my 30 day challenge.

foodie new school kids meals #littleloves


This week has been an emotional one for so many with new school kids starting reception. Our normal daily routines are changed forever. School runs and after school activities have already filled my entire calendar. It’s crazy how fast something that used to be a normal day is changed completely so fast. We are now settling into our new routine and feeling better about the changes. B loved his first day of school so much, we were so very proud of him. He is so eager to learn new things and do his studies. Every day he is buzzing about his awesome teacher. I hope he long continues to love school and learning. It’s such an important part of our lives both childhood and adulthood. I would love to go back to school even now and learn new subjects. This infographic from Oxford Open Learning is so intriguing to me and how much it really affects us at all stages of life. Would you go back to school now?

Oxford Open Learning Adult learning courses

Don’t forget this week is my 2nd blog birthday and I am hosting amazing prize giveaways every day. There is something to win for everyone or make great Christmas presents. Whether you love home decor, kitchen gadgets, receiving flowers, baking, or a new bag come enter today. I can’t thank you enough for all your continual blog support.

Best of luck.

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18 thoughts on “New School Kids, healthy cooking and my comfort zone #littleloves”

  1. Aww so glad B has been enjoying school but it’s hard isn’t it for the one left behind? Eli has been desperate to go to school for the last three years because he has been taking Meg. I cried at Inside Out too which both Meg and Eli thought was hilarious, aren’t they nice!!

    Have a great week lovely x

    • I know kids just don’t get it hahah Disney always has a way to pull at my heart at some point in the movies. lol IT’s a good one though. B loves school and has been ready forever and I foresee MM being the opposite we shall see. Starts gymnastics today first time she is loving it but shy.

  2. I’m so glad B is loving school and I’m sure his sister will get used to it in no time! That dinner looks lovely and I really love your cooler weather wardrobe! Have a wonderful weekend x

    • I really hope so. She is finding it tough but also came down with a cold so I don’t think that helps. B is loving it so much he is mad he didn’t go again today on Saturday. hahaha

  3. Jenny I’m loving your fashion you’d never know it was out of your comfort zone!! I really need to push myself that way too! I’m pleased B enjoyed school this week and it seems like you’ve got yourself into a great routine already! Loving the look of the spicy pasta bowl too-yummy! Happy Blog Birthday 2yrs wow fab giveaways! Have a lovely weekend-especially tonight out for Morganas birthday x

    • Oh thank you ever so much that means a lot. It’s been fun but somedays I feel like an imposter. lol B is loving it and doesn’t understand why it’s Saturday and he isn’t going. Thanks I hope the weather holds for the birthday celebrations.

  4. Oh I am so pleased B had a great first week! Its been quite surreal hasn’t it? Love your scarfs, I really need to get some, to cover up my neck, its become a tad unsightly since my op! Have a wonderful time with Morgana tonight! xx

    • Thanks hunny I couldn’t have asked for it to go any better. He made us so proud. I am a huge scarf fanatic clearly can’t get enough of them. lol Hope the weather holds up for us tonight.

  5. Love all your scarves, can’t wait til all my removals boxes finally arrive and I can get mine out – if I remember where I packed them of course!

    Glad B enjoyed his first day at school. He looks so cute in your school post bless him. My little one should be starting at the beginning of October so I’ll be a nervous wreck by then. Hope your #newschoolkids hashtag will still be going then so I have someone to cry at over cake on twitter 😉

    Have a lovely time with the birthday girl this weekend x

    • Ahh bless you I can’t wait for you. thank you so much darling. I am huge into my scarves and I think this year I need to branch out on some of my colors and styles too. Maybe get some snoods. lol Oh course I will carry the hashtag for at least a year. We are all new in this together.

    • Oh no I must catch up then and see what the fuss is about. I secretly do too. It’s the only british show I watch but this time in the states again I love it. LA is magical.

  6. Thanks for mentioning my post lovely- I can’t believe our little people are now at school! And I cried my eyes out during Inside Out too, like you said I think it’s because they are growing up and the film is all about that. x

    • I know I loved your post and I will always share them. You write so beautifully and how so many of us feel. I can’t believe it either as I sit here getting it all ready for tomorrow. Glad I wasn’t the only one.

  7. How cute is it how much she misses her brother? SO cute, but I bet it is annoying at the same time! She must miss him so much. I am so glad he has settled in perfectly. Long may it continue. Looking forward to your healthy recipes and I especially love your navy and white striped blouse. It’s fabulous! xx

    • Oh thank you so much Esther, its a fave to wear too. They are two peas in a pod but he really does love school which makes it all easier. MM will hopefully start getting used to it. lol

  8. Love that you’ve started Pretty Little Liars, you’ll have to let me know what you think. Hows MM getting on this week without B? It’s a big change for them all but she’s soon get used to it xxx


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