Thursday’s Blog Birthday Giveaway: Sweet Dreamers Ewan

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 08:09 pm

It’s time for Thursdays’ grand giveaway, this ones for the little ones this time. We have been celebrating all week with some amazing prizes for your home, in the kitchen, traveling, parents and more. Check out my giveaway page here.

Today’s prize is the amazing Sweet Dreamers Ewan Grey Dream Sheep.ย We are so excited to be hosting this giveaway for you. The grey dream sheep has all the same amazing features of the purple dream sheep just with a new fleece coat. This gorgeous plush toy emits soothing soft sounds and helps calm babies and toddlers back into their slumber sleep. Don’t forget the lovely pink glow that radiates from it’s belly to comfort your little one.

We are huge fans of sweet dreamers in this house already. My two tots loved theirย Russell dream sheep dog and the Ewan grey dream sheep sounds like it fits right in to the sweet dreamers’ family. If I ever have a third baby I will be sure to have Ewan among the comforters in his/her crib. They work wonders for a great night’s sleep.

Win a Sweet Dreamers Ewan Dream Sheep Grey fleece stuffed animal

60 thoughts on “Thursday’s Blog Birthday Giveaway: Sweet Dreamers Ewan”

  1. Baby number 2 due in ONE week…. I now realise it would be unfair to take my little boys Ewan away from him for his new sister!! Would love to win this to stop any tantrums!! WE LOVE EWAN. x

  2. First, thank you for including a comment entry for those of us who don’t use social media.

    He is soooo cute I’d find it difficult to give him to the children – but I would, of course!


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