Outdoor Cooking Tech Essentials Every Parent Should Consider

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Have you ever tried cooking outside with your kids? When you do, you will remember it as some of the most fun you’ve ever had together. There are so many tech essentials designed for this specific hobby that you can tap into as a parent and kit your family out with the ultimate toolset to meet whichever route you want to try. This guide has the best suggestions for parents who want to try something new and build a fun activity as a family.

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Traditional Grill

You can’t go wrong with installing a traditional grill or smoker. These are great for barbeques on warm, sunny days and sit at the center of group gatherings and family get togethers. There are a lot of options available when it comes to smokers and grillers. It’s essential to consider the versatility of the equipment. For instance, Choosing a Kamado cooker is worth picking since these ancient cookers can be used as a smoker and grill, making it an excellent investment for those wanting to experiment with different cooking techniques. There are thousands of grilling recipes online to find inspiration from, so as a parent you can take comfort in the fact that there will be something out there that your kid will try out or even love. 

Fire Pits

Fire pits are a cool addition to any garden space. They are perfect for outdoor cooking and have the right warm vibes to enable an evening garden experience for the whole family. The potential foods you can cook are quite versatile from fun sweet treats to savory sausages for dinner.

Even though a fire pit might sound like a safety hazard, there is a useful lesson to be taught and absorbed here for both parents and children. Not only are you able to teach them to respect the heat, but you are able to show them how to navigate it in a controlled environment and let them explore something interesting. Of course, it should always be properly extinguished and fully supervised at all times while in use but this goes without saying. 

baked pizza on pizza peel in oven
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Pizza Ovens

Pizza is undoubtedly one of the best loved recipes for families and can be adapted for even the fussiest of eaters, which is what makes a wood fired pizza oven the perfect addition for outdoor cooking with kids. It has fast become the desired product for every outdoor space because, who doesn’t love pizza?

This surge in popularity has been boosted by how great the end result is, and the fun process of setting everything up too. These products seem to be everywhere, especially the wood fired variety, and it is because they truly create authentic tasting pizzas! Whether your budget stretches to an advanced prestigious model like the Ooni Karu, a wood fired pizza oven, or something more simple, the goal is to create a taste sensation at home. 

It can become a great tradition for any season if you get the formula right. Involve the children at every step by showing them all the parts and what makes the oven work, teaching them safety steps, and letting them help where it is appropriate. Sit down together and write a list of ingredients, and don’t be afraid to let your imaginations run wild when it comes to toppings! There is no rule at all that says you can’t just make dessert pizzas so don’t hold back. Once you have gathered the necessary supplies, get to work on the dough which is equal parts messy and entertaining for everyone. Light up the oven, let it reach the optimum temperature and watch as the pizza cooks right before their eyes. 

If you’re still on the fence, think about the following facts. 

  • 1. Because pizzas are so universally loved, they are the perfect platform for encouraging picky eaters to try new food types for their toppings. 
  • 2. Baking and rolling the dough all together is a wonderful chance to have some good fashioned messy fun together that they will always remember as a core experience. 
  • 3. It is an educational opportunity and may spark an interest in cooking or even science during both the cooking and the creation steps. 

Camping Stove

When was the last time you looked up at the night sky and watched the stars with your children? If the answer is, never, then this is your sign to do just that. Set up a tent, or just some blankets on the floor and get cozy. Pick up a camping stove and make the experience that bit more authentic. You can cook a variety of things on a stove, and learning how to set one up and use one is a life skill that they will take with them well into adulthood. 

An outdoor stove intended for use out in the wilderness has a lot of teachable aspects for parents and kids:• Show them how to safely navigate fire• Teach them how to build a fire in a controlled environment• It sparks intangible joy to be a part of something so close to nature• It represents survival skillsets that can be transferred to a range of environments

Outdoor Ice Machine

Ice has many purposes. It can be a lot of fun in experiments, and a great team effort to make as well. Kids can learn scientific facts and create games sprinkled with imagination when they have access to elements like this. An ice machine will be the perfect solution for making quick, versatile products with an infinite boundary for fun. 

The first challenge to overcome will be finding a place to put it because it needs a power source. It really requires shelter to keep the electrical mechanisms running smoothly and a power source to work as well. So, a shed or summer house in your backyard is the best way forward. When you have found an answer to this barrier, the possibilities can begin

A Digital Screen

A tablet, TV, or even a phone is the perfect companion for outdoor cooking. Why? Because you have a world of recipes at your fingertips with a single internet search. You can find cooking videos, advice boards, food influencers, and a universe filled with outdoor cuisine inspiration! This is the perfect channel to find neutral ground with your kids at any age and create a bonding experience that everyone enjoys and remembers. 

If you are reluctant to allow screen time as a parent, that is completely understandable. The dangers are well-known and widespread when it comes to overexposure to watching programs and hooking into the digital world. However, there are benefits to short bursts and team projects in the digital world.

Did you know…

  • There are millions of educational videos and activities online to do with your child that will benefit their development?
  • Food and cooking are one of the biggest topics online which spread across websites, scientific research, documentaries, apps, games, influencers, commerce, and beyond?
  • Tech can be used to teach essential skills for the future like typing, coding, and life admin?
  • There are multiple creative channels on devices that can nurture the mind and help it find its passion?
  • Digital access fosters independent and autonomous knowledge seeking which creates positive habits later in life as well?

Outdoor cooking is a lot of fun for parents if they have the right tools and equipment at their disposal. Turning your garden area into a place of fun for the children of the house is easy to do when you add in some food and drink to the equation. These tech essential ideas will suit any mood, any time.


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