Paddling pools in this house

Last updated on November 16th, 2023 at 06:15 pm

Paddling pools in this house are a huge must! We are constantly in them, both inside and outside. They have been the focus of our play time since the day Buba was born and now, with Missy Moo too. 

Inside, we have filled them up with balls, for a ball pool. They have become a part of forts and tents in the living room. They have been used as toy boxes and carrying baskets to hide all the kids stuff in and drag to a closet when guests unexpectedly arrive. Paddling pools really are so much a part of our ordinary day to day life. 

Outside, they are filled with water on hot days and toys are cooler, windy days. Neither of my kids like the feeling on grass, since they were babies they have been great play pens for them outdoors too. 


Buba loves to get as much in his paddling pool as possible. He doesn’t need fancy water toys either. He uses his imagination and whatever is lying around the backyard to play with. His new favorite paddling pool toy is his £1 watering can from the pound store. He has even figured out how to pour it over his own head, it’s hilarious. I love watching him be creative and having fun in the sun. I have attempted to buy him a bigger pool as he is growing out of this one but he refuses to let me. “I have a pool, Mommy. No new one”. I daresay that he might just be sitting in this same one until he is 18! mmpaddlingpoolMissy Moo is more fond of hers filled to the brim with toys in the shade. She absolutely hates the feeling of grass so it is nice to have her next to Buba splashing about but in her own comfort zone. We have filled hers with water a few times but on cooler days when the wind picks up she settles right in to playing with her piggy bank and laptop instead.

Our paddling pools have been a part of our ordinary, day to day life, both inside and outside. At only £3 each, who could argue that we haven’t got more than our moneys worth out of them? 



18 thoughts on “Paddling pools in this house”

  1. So sweet Jenny! Arthur loves his paddling pool too, love filling it up with balls inside!! I think everyone has such great paddling pool memories as kids so it’s almost like a right of passage!! Love that they have their own ones and that they love them so much! Xxx

  2. I love how you have a pink and a blue one! Would you believe we haven’t had ours out this year yet, I am such a bad Mummy! 😉 Its because our garden is in the process of being done and I haven’t wanted to go out there as a result! They are so much fun though, such a proper British summertime tradition! x

    • Hahha I normally don’t do the whole pink only blue only but they picked them honestly. Hahahaha although Buba did have the exact same one in yellow too. Couldn’t find it. Had to make up a story of paddling pool fairy needed it lol paddling pools are the best I use them for so many different things. Thanks for hosting hunny and lovely to see you again. Really enjoyed spending time with you, Lucy, and Morgana.

  3. Great post, I love that they have one each. Our paddling pool (also a £3 bargain) is used so much at the moment and I hope it continues inside when it gets cooler xx

  4. You just can’t beat ball pool fun can you and then of course splish splash time in the sun. We’ll be taking Lil G’s ball pool to his party on Saturday for the little ones to play with. A necessity I say! (ps I’ve changed my blog name in case you’re confused Jenny) x

    • That’s ok, blog name change, I still know you hunny! lol Love it by the way! Sometimes a name change can be a must. I already wish I was something else but hey ho. Life goes on. Yes paddling pools are a must indeed. Enjoy!


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