Pancake Day and making memories

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:18 am

This year is the start of a lot of new things for us and one of them is cooking more together as a family. Missy Moo is at that age where she can get involved too. So with the sun shining brightly this morning the kids and I decided we would make some pancakes for breakfast. A practice run for Pancake Day coming up on the 17th. Pancake Day with Oxo Good GripsPancake Day with Oxo Good Grips

It didn’t take either child long to get in there and stir the batter. I had measured everything out for them to easily add to the bowl. I am still a mess-a-phobe so it might be awhile before I let go and have them cracking eggs. While I control our little cooking fest, I also sat back and just watched them take joy in what I used to do with my own mother growing up.

My two seem to have grown up over night and watching them giggling over pancake batter I realized we should do this more often. Turn the electronics off, toys down and get in the kitchen baking and cooking together. I need to get over my mess issues and let them get flour in their hair and sugar on the floor. It all can be cleaned up later. Missy Moo stuck her hand right in the batter and thought it was the funniest thing in the world. Those giggles are priceless and I know they will grow up soon and won’t want to help Mommy in the kitchen anymore. Those giggles in these walls will be gone faster than I think and I feel like lately I have been wasting days not doing more things like this with them. The simple things in life sometimes are the most memorable. Pancake Day with Oxo Good Grips

It’s no secret here that we love our Oxo Good Grips kitchen accessories. For Pancake Day we are strutting our Flip & Fold Omelette Turner which actually makes the best crepe flip & fold ever! We also got to try out their new Batter Dispenser which made pouring the batter out the easiest job ever.

Pancake Day with Oxo Good GripsPancake Day with Oxo Good Grips

I have always had a soft spot for big fluffy American pancakes. I can load them up with butter, huckleberry syrup, and crispy bacon on top for a full meal deal. I also have a love for crepes and their thin soft texture. It’s easy to wrap crepes up with berries, nutella, or even just eat them like I do with powdered sugar on top, sometimes simple is more.

We got creative with our pancake batter making all sorts of shapes and sizes. I started out with a few minis for the kids to pop in their mouth while they waited. I also made some big ones for me and Daddy to enjoy. The kids started shouting out fun things to draw as they love sitting at my feet while I am at the stove. “Mickey Mouse” was a tough one and came out looking more like a bunny. Sorry kids, mommy’s batter skills are new.  The actual “Easter bunny” and mini “Easter eggs” came out great though. And last but not least my “heart” came out a bit sideways. But with a few more attempts I bet I could get it perfect. Valentine’s Day morning here I come!

At first I couldn’t really squeeze the batter out with one hand but then I got the hang of it. You have to let it suck some air in and then squeeze hard for your batter to come out. My batter was very runny as we made crepes but I can imagine with pancake’s thick batter you would definitely need two hands to squeeze it out. Either way, it’s less mess, less hassle and you can make some perfect shapes with the batter dispenser. I was even more impressed how easy it was to clean. That is a bonus in my house as I don’t have time taking a bunch of things apart to clean separately. Pancake Day with Oxo Good GripsPancake Day with Oxo Good Grips

The flip & fold was really handy to flip the larger crepes/pancakes over and the wide angle of it ensured you got the whole thing in one flip and made it easy to fold over too. The kids thought I was amazing with this big turner in my hand and pancakes flipping over in the air. Ok maybe just inches above the pan we aren’t quite there yet. A chef in the making! Pancake Day with Oxo Good Grips

Ours really turned out to be a cross between a crepe and a pancake. They were thicker than crepes and thinner than pancakes so we decided to be silly and call them, “Crepecakes”. It doesn’t take much to entertain us.

Pancake Day may be on the 17th but we enjoyed our pre-pancake practice today. The kids had so much fun helping me get all the ingredients out and mixing them up like pros. I got a little sentimental over how much they have grown up lately and in the end we had some delicious Powdered Sugared Crepecakes.Pancake Day with Oxo Good GripsPancake Day with Oxo Good Grips

Are you planning on making pancakes for Pancake Day? Do pick yourself up some Oxo Good Grips accessories to make the cooking process easy, fun and a whole family affair. I would love to see your pancake snapshots! Tag me on Twitter or InstgramPancake Day with Oxo Good Grips

RECIPE FOR Crepes // Pancakes “aka CREPECAKES”:

125 g plain flour

300 ml of milk

1 egg

Beat together until bubbles form and smooth.

* For pancakes use less milk, for crepes use more milk, for crepecakes use this combination.

Enjoy & Happy Pancake Day everyone!

Pancake Day with Oxo Good Grips

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23 thoughts on “Pancake Day and making memories”

    • Thank you Kim. Yes they were excellent helpers and we had such a great time. I really need to get messy and cook more with them. Their giggles were priceless.

    • Thank you so much. Yes in hindsight I really should have made more glamours pancakes like blueberry ones or something more tasty but we are plain eaters what can I say. lol

  1. Oh I love pancakes and I love getting the kids in the kitchen. It looks like you had a wonderful pancake day practice run and I’m quite partial to crepecakes too 🙂 x

  2. This looks so fun. Last year pancake day was a disaster for us when BB refused to even try one, I’m hoping we’ll do better this year because I love a good pancake or 4!!!! x

    • Me too! Buba was the same omg! He wouldn’t touch them until this year so weird. Mr P doesn’t like pancakes can you believe. Almost grounds for divorce! Lol

    • Thanks Aby. Oh definitely I can’t wait to start cooking and baking more with them and crafting too. MM is finally a safer age to pull out the crafts and baking now. I love it and so excited for the future of our play times.

  3. I love the idea of a pancake batter dispenser. I always end up in a complete mess (from the sounds of it you wouldn’t like it at all!)

    I’ve had a go at a few shaped pancakes and I’ve found that you’re better off with a smaller nozzle (I use an icing bottle) as it’s easier to control the amount of batter and therefore get a clearer shape.

    So lovely to see you little ones having such a good time joining in.

  4. Such a sweet post and I love the pancakes you made – those are definitely our style, a little bit slap dash but none the less yummy! It’s so much fun cooking with kids too – so long as you’re ready for the extra mess 🙂

    • So true. Definitely have to be prepared for the mess. But so worth it. They love it. I was going to get fancy but that’s not us some powdered sugar and we are golden. Lol

  5. Oh gorgeous post and beautiful photography as always, love that you squeezed out shapes, even if it was a little hard at first. We actually made pancakes today and although the kitchen was a mess, they tasted yummy thankfully so it was worth it! Thanks for linking up to #tastytuesdays

    • Thanks. It’s hard to make pancakes and not try to create something. We are plain pancake eaters though. We like them with powdered sugar and not all that chocolate and fruit. Hahaha boring but delicious.


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