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Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:30 am

I am so relieved this weekend is finally here. We ended school earlier this week which was needed and nice. B is extremely tired and emotional lately so I think he needs the break more than anyone. It’s Easter this Sunday which means we are hopping on the ferry boat to Ireland to see family again. I can’t wait. I love going over there to the country and sitting in the fields listening to nothing but the birds chirping in the morning with my coffee and family around me. I am in need of some down time myself and a slower pace of life.



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If you have been on my social media channels this week, you might have caught a glimpse at me complaining about my parenting skills or feeling the lack thereof. Or asking for advice from everyone… We have been dealing with a little bit of an emotional school boy and with parents evenings for both of mine I was left feeling the pressure to get them to a certain standard. I was recommended this book below so I am half way through it and already applying a few new parenting tactics which have helped. I am not afraid to admit I still don’t know what I am doing and learning as I go along.


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Yes, have you heard…I am going to say it, it’s AWARD SEASON for bloggers. Whilst it’s very exciting, it’s also an awkward time, I think. It’s tough asking for people vote and wanting all your own favorite bloggers to be nominated as well. I love supporting as many blogs as I possibly can. The MADS and the BiBs have opened up for VOTING at the same time this year. I would love to be considered for LIFESTYLE for the MADS & FAMILY for the BiBs. You can vote for all favorites by clicking the badges at the bottom of this post. 🙂 Good luck to everyone.

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Catch up with our new vlog…yup, I have been a good girl and still on my vlogging challenge of one video per week. This week, I am sharing my Kids’ Spring/Summer Shopping Haul. Would love a thumbs up if you have time to watch it and like what I am sharing.

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I have been in sweats and being lazy lately in the wardrobe department. It seems there is always a theme in my wardrobe when I share it. It’s all about the straight hair this week.


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It’s Easter break for B so we made the most of our Thursday this week and did some crafts from Cath Kidston. They have a great competition on right now with #GnorrisTheGnome you can check it out here. We had so much fun painting our little gnomes together. I think it’s so important to have one on one time with each child. I can really see it puts B in a better mood when we have time together and I focus 100% on him. Craft projects are great for that. He is so proud of what we created together too.


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It’s not secret I love redecorating my house, even more so when it comes to the kid’s spaces. The closer we get to MM starting school and the further B gets into learning, I have been thinking about creating a bigger desk space that will fit both of them. As much as I hate to say it, it won’t be long before they both will be in school and have homework to do together. I finally have my own corner of the front room taken and I think it would be great to make the other side of the room their corner. I am dreaming of a double school desk in grey and yellow…you all know how much I love that combo but don’t worry I have plenty of ideas for the vibrant colors to join them.


Grey Double Drawer Desk

Rainbow Felt Teacherboards

These are just a few on my wish list that I think would go great in our colorful front room. Although it might be hard to stay on my own side of the room and work at my desk with these lovely treats. Where do your kids do their homework? Do you have a place set up for them? Do they do it together or separately? I would love to know.

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8 thoughts on “Parenting, Vlogs, and vibrant decorating #littleloves”

  1. When I saw you were doubting your parenting skills the other night it made me feel so sad for you. You shouldn’t be feeling like that and you certainly shouldn’t be made to feel like that after parents evening! Your kids are clearly happy, healthy and beautiful little things and you adore them. What more could they ask for? I hate the whole ‘kids should be doing this at that age’ thing that comes with schooling and the numerous charts they have to fit onto. All kids are different and they develop at their own speed so don’t get too hung up on what you ‘should’ be doing and just enjoy them.

    Have a wonderful time in Ireland and Happy Easter x

  2. Oh I love the desk such a good idea to have a big one to fit both Children. I hope you enjoy your break and B gets some much needed rest, this first year in school has been so tough! I’m exhausted with it so I can’t imagine how our Children feel. Xxx.

  3. Oh my god I love that double desk! Grey and yellow are so fab together-in fact I think our house will end up mostly grey with a splash of a colour! Parenting is always a little bit of guesswork and that can be really scary at times and I think we are all just bumbling along doing our best! One on one time and family time reinforce it all and are so important and I’m sure you’re doing a fab job! Enjoy your time away in Ireland, happy Easter! X

  4. Enjoy your trip to Ireland, I’m a little jealous of everyone breaking up for the Easter hols, we don’t finish until next Friday, but at least it’s only a 3 day week and then 2 full weeks off. I think everyone’s ready for a break here too!
    Funny you should mention one on one time with your kids, I’ve been thinking about that a lot recently. O is so used to having my undivided attention that I really worry how he will react to having to share me. I definitely need to make sure I book in some Mummy/O time without any distractions. xxx

  5. That sounds like a great book. What a shame parents evening left you feel like that. I’m sure you are doing a great job. Have a lovely time in Ireland.

  6. You shouldn’t be doubting your parenting Jenny, we are all totally winging it and making it up as we go along.
    Loving the grey desk and yellow chairs – you know me and those colours!!
    Hope you are having a relaxing week away xx


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