{Funny Phrase Day Friday} #4

Last updated on November 16th, 2023 at 04:42 pm

With each passing week, I post a ‘Phrase Day Friday’, about the funny things my son, Buba and his friends come out with for the first time. However, this week, while in Lanzarote, it seems Buba is flooding us with new phrases on a daily basis. His one or two phrases a week have turned into numerous phrases a day. It’s definitely hard to keep up. He is growing into a little man right before our very eyes and as much as I would like to, I can’t do anything to slow him down.

But he is still my shy, skittish little boy, so I was astonished when he started chatting to a guy next to us, by the pool this morning. It was funny to listen to their conversation until he shared a little bit more information than the man wanted to hear.

Buba: I swimmin’ in the pool.

Man: Looks like fun.

Buba: That my McQueen bucket! (points at his bucket).

Man: You  have some nice toys there.

Buba: I not poo-poo in the pool. It’s yucky water. 

Man: Well, I certain hope not! (chuckle)

Mommy: Buba come here!

Mommy: Sorry (to the Man).

Talk about embarrassing moment for a parent. He was in fact pooping in his diaper, in the pool, and drinking  the ‘yucky’ water!

I also noticed Buba has become very observant this past week. I heard him asking Mr. P. if he had a new shirt on? Mr. P. was in fact wearing his new shirt.

Then when I asked him where the cream was for his sister, Missy Moo, he replied, “I not sure, Mommy.” It was a rhetorical question that I didn’t think he would answer, more of a thinking out loud question for myself.

It’s amazing to see our kids copy everything we do or say. Toddlers are like a sponge that soak up every last thing that is said or done in their presence.

For instance, this afternoon we were getting ready to go out for dinner and Buba followed me into the bathroom.

“Mommy, what you doing in here?” he commented.

“Mommy is trying to make herself pretty.” I replied.

“Pretty not working Mommy.” he said as he walked back out of the bathroom.

“Pretty not working, Mommy!”


If only he knew that he was actually calling his Mommy ugly, a mere mishap as he was only copying me saying pretty but it had me and Mr. P. chuckling.

I could sit here all night and list all the various funny phrases he has picked up this week while on vacation. I think this is the best stage a toddler goes through, learning their language. It’s definitely better than the tantrum stage. When they can say humorous, rude, naughty things,  or misuse words in a way that is comical. It keeps us adults entertained at least.

Does your tot say funny one liners or corky phrases? I love comments so please share below.

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15 thoughts on “{Funny Phrase Day Friday} #4”

    • I feel like they grow up too fast. One of the reasons I started this phrase day friday so I can record his and eventually Missy Moo’s cute sayings as they learn to speak.

    • Me too. We are even trying to teach him Spanish so now he mixes both and it’s really funny that it comes out Spanglish like the movie at the moment. Was told soon he will know the difference but I sorta like it mixed hahahaha

    • Definitely ! Love a good linky. Yes I hope he calls me a princess or pretty someday. Not that pretty isn’t working for me. Hahahahahahaha got to love them.

  1. Very funee. My boy is constantly inadvertently insulting me – at least I hope it’s by accident!! Loved the swimming pool conversation #funee


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