Pit & Peak of the Week #26

Last updated on November 16th, 2023 at 05:43 pm

Welcome! It’s pit & peak of the week time, a therapeutic way for me to vent about my low and rave about my high this week. I hope everyone is enjoying their bank holiday weekend. 

I have had my head buried in christening slash birthday party stuff. From making last minute arrangements, to making homemade decorations, to finalizing all the food. I feel like I haven’t been able to breathe or do much less anything else. 

Pit:  It’s bank holiday weekend, one of the beauties of living in the UK is that you get SO many of them each year. But as we also all know, most of them come along side the rain, like this one. I was hoping to get a chance to enjoy my new garden, and soak up some rays. My plans for outdoor picnics and hikes with the family had to be put aside as we watch the rain bash the patio doors. It really is a pit!

Peak: With every pit there is always a silver lining and it came this week in the form of a few milestones from the kiddies. New car seats were long over due for the both of them as they reached their 1st and 3rd birthdays soon. With both of them in the 90% percentile in height, they seem to be rapidly out growing everything. Nevertheless, it was a magical moment to take out the infant car seat, one I may have shedded a tear over, and replace it with Buba’s toddler seat. Buba then got to move up to the next stage car seat. Both were as eager as the other to test them out.

Lately, I have been saying goodbye to a lot of infant things so I was sad to say goodbye to her infant car seat. One I will never have again. Although happy to get rid of it’s heaviness and bulkiness sitting around the house. But to say goodbye to the baby things in this house is getting harder as she is my last baby. 

Buba kept shouting, “my new chair, Mommy, my new chair”. Missy Moo couldn’t believe her luck, a forward facing seat to nosy about. She was full of smiles and looking around, no longer having her legs scrunched up against the seat. I couldn’t believe how old they looked, sat there side by side, together.

My babies are growing up, too fast, and time seems to be flying by me at a rate I never expected. It was a great moment as we drove to our soft play area with both in the back, chatting away and looking at each other with excitement in their eyes. Buba was even more excited when he realized he could hold her hand if he wanted to and when they both started throwing toys back and forth, giggling, I knew this would be the next fun adventure to witness. It was a magical peak of the week moment for sure!newcarseats


19 thoughts on “Pit & Peak of the Week #26”

  1. Sorry your holiday was rained out! That’s always a disappointment. It is a neat moment when your little one moves from a backward to forward facing car seat. It seems like they can finally participate with the rest of the family in the car! #magicmoments

  2. Such a shame it’s so wet isn’t it. We’ve been to the Surrey County Show today and got absolutely drench – and covered in mud. Would have been lovely to be in that garden you’ve worked so hard on. They’re growing so fast aren’t they, must be very excited about their new car seats though. Lovely post, thank you for sharing with #whatsthestory

    • Oh but mud can be so much fun too. lol Sounds like you still had a good day out. Yes new car seats are deeming very fun indeed. Thanks for hosting hun.

  3. its such a sad yet happy stage changing the car seats! Loving the seats too 🙂 i love Maxi-Cosi and we have Missy Moo’s seat already and love it 🙂

    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

    Here’s to safe and happy travelling 🙂

    • Thanks Jaime, yes we love maxi cosi car seats in this house. We had the infant one too! They last forever and for two children to go through them. lol It really is a happy sad stage the changing over of car seats. Another phase down and gone.

  4. Nothing worse than going on your jollies and for it to rain most of the time! Thats what has me worried for when we go away in a few weeks, lol! But it sounds like you guys made the most of it and look at those smiling faces at the end there! Priceless!! x

  5. Jenny i am just so in awe of how you manage to get so much done! I must be so disorganised as i am always short of time and you seem to be planning and doing and blogging way more than me!
    The rain was not unwelcome for me as i had a stomach bug and was ill all weekend which would have been worse in the sunshine! I am even more behind it my blog reading and commenting though so apols for anything exciting i have missed.
    p.s very very jealous of how much your kiddies seem to like each other!

    • Haha Katie, come spend a day with me you probably would think I am insane like the rest of my family. I do have the energy of a 2 year old sometimes. Don’t know how but it comes and I just work through the to do lists as fast as I can and with two kids on my lap playing or mostly during naptime. Saying that I will probably age faster than anyone ever too though! lol Sleep doesn’t come easier anymore because my mind is full of so much to dos! lol

    • It really does and I didn’t think changing a car seat to a bigger one for both of them would be so big but it is. They grow way too fast.

  6. Ahhh this reminds me so much of what happened with my two a few months ago when they both go their big girl and big boy seats. It was such a lovely thing. I love driving with them now I can see them. However I do agree with Gin when she says yours seem to get on well. Mine now have started the odd car scrap! xxx

    • We have had a few scraps at home but not in the car yet!!! It’s amazing to watch them both chat together and be forward facing. Love it.


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