Milestones of him, her, them ~ living arrows 21/52

Last updated on November 16th, 2023 at 05:43 pm

Each day changing, growing, learning,

I have the privilege to watch it all,

And when you spread your wings to fly,

Know that I am here to call. livingarrowshim2152him

Buba, there is no detail, too small, for you to miss. You love to learn new things and ask questions about everything. We play numbers, colors, and letters with everything. Today, we went for a hike. I thought you would be excited to be in the fresh outdoors with huge fields to run about. I couldn’t have been more wrong. You were frightened of the hundreds of dogs going by on each path we took, or didn’t want to walk up little hills, too used to your stroller with wheels. You have learned to make great scenes in public now, to Mommy and Daddy’s dismay. But moments like this where you wanted to learn which flowers is which with a smile on your face, I think it’s all worth it. I hope you will learn to hike better as you get older and together as a family we can have many more days out like today. If only you weren’t so petrified of dogs it would make it all so much easier.


Of course, Missy Moo, you go for the weed instead of the flower. My little explorer, you need no help getting out there and seeking new things. You never hesitate in any new environment. The sun was shining and you happily hitched a ride on Daddy’s back for our hike today. Taking in all that surrounds you with a smile and every once in a while, a wave! You are finding your voice and your feet this week. Bye-bye can now go down as your official first word and we have caught you standing up on your own, two or three times now. The milestones fly by as you turn 11 months old today! You also have recently figured out Mommy puts these silly pretty things on your head and have started to pull at them. I hope this is only a phase as I love to see you in them and not something you will come to hate. In no time at all, you will be a year old and Mommy isn’t ready yet but it’s inevitable. So as I say goodbye to your last few weeks where I count how old you are in months not years, I am soaking it all in.


It was a sunny, family day out for your 11 month milestone Missy Moo and the bank holiday weekend. You both must have had a great time as you were fast asleep by time we even reached the highway. You are both loving your new car seats, together you can watch the world go by, hold hands, swap toys and have conversations looking at each other, something you couldn’t do before. I love that you both are so different in personality yet always look so much alike, especially when you sleep. It’s moments like this when you are happily dreaming that make me so sad how fast you both keep growing. I know you both won’t stay this small forever and I just hope I can remember this amazing feeling.

7 thoughts on “Milestones of him, her, them ~ living arrows 21/52”

  1. So sweet. My kids have been sleeping like champs from all the outside exploring! Amazing how time flies when you watch your kids grow!

  2. So funny that Buba was afraid of the dogs! We were at my mom’s house in Idaho last week and I wanted to take the kids on a walk. Not 20 feet down the road Bubby was flipping out wanting to go back because he was afraid of bears (he’s 5). I told him that we weren’t going to see any bears and even if we did I would shoot it before anything could happen. This child wasn’t having it! We had to turn around and go back so he could stay behind and he was still flipping out because he didn’t want me to go! And guess what we didn’t see…any bears lol! Silly boy!

    • Ya sounds like here, with dogs. But I am sure the bear fear will come too when we go to Idaho next month for two months!!! I swear he is scared of everything. lol

  3. Ah who says they’re weeds? If she thinks they’re beautiful enough to be flowers then I reckon that makes them flowers!! Beautiful pictures of both of them (as always) and it sounds like you had a good time – and certainly a sleepy time 🙂


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