Pit & Peak of the Week #3

Last updated on May 6th, 2024 at 10:18 am

Another tough week has passed us by, I am hoping that nearer Christmas, we start to see more Peaks than Pits. Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise that they are all coming out, before the holidays and our big family vacation.

Pit:  The pit this week, is breastfeeding. It’s no secret on here that Missy Moo has been extremely difficult to breastfeed from the start. After getting mastitis (numerous times), infections, and her half mutilating me, I have had to make the hardest decision to stop feeding her. It’s with heavy heart that I am stopping but I know it’s best for both of us. The transition hasn’t been easy as she pretty much screams every bottle feed which makes the transition even harder than it already is, emotionally. I feel like I am torturing her. I have tried different formulas, different bottles, different size teets, standing up, sitting down, serving it really warm, serving it lukewarm, serving it cold. It’s a learning process for both of us, as I never gave my son formula. “A piece of cake,” you say? Well, maybe I am more blonde than I think I am. Last night was a nightmare. I made her bottle of formula at bedtime, which turned into the biggest torture session ever, an hour and half later she had only drank 4 oz. How can she suck that long and not be drinking? Well, stupid rookie me, only realized 40 minutes into the screaming fit that the formula was clumpy and stuck at the top of the teet. What the hell happened here? I was hot, sweating from the frustration and anxiety, and close to panicking. I had to keep shaking it out of the top. She was long past interested and exhausted by time I figured it out. She point-blank refused to drink anything else and went to sleep.Great, I can’t even make a bottle of formula right, this is not going well!

Peak: Our Christmas tree is up and our house if filled with glittery, bright decorations! There is something cozy, warm, and inviting about a Christmas tree. I love them. Fake or real, I do not care, if they are glittery and twinkling, that’s all that matters. It fills our living room with an ambience that just wraps around you when you enter. I don’t have many decorations yet for our house, as we only moved in two years ago, but I can’t wait till every room is splashed with Christmas decor. I am one of those OTT Christmas lovers who would have Christmas bedding and curtains, for each room, just for the holiday season. I don’t know what it is about Christmas, maybe I was an elf in a past life but from the Christmas markets, that I still need to go to, to the lights on the street, to the matching family pyjamas you get on Christmas eve, it’s all so magical.


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3 thoughts on “Pit & Peak of the Week #3”

  1. Oh gosh so sorry to hear you are still having feeding problems! If it helps i have done exactly the same thing with formula before oops.
    I am so excited about Christmas this year too – we put our tree up at the weekend and its a cracker 🙂

  2. Both of my kids had latching issues so I started out pumping and bottle feeding until I just couldn’t produce enough milk to feed them…anyways…my mom always told me that if it’s taking that long to bottle feed, then the flow is too slow on the teet and to go for one rated for faster flow…I was partial to medium flow…never slow flow.

    • Thanks for the comment. Glad I am not alone in it. Yes i did try the fastest flowing teet because I thought this was the problem. Her formula is for reflux babies so it’s super thick. We are getting on better with the feeding now. She even ripped a hole in the teet of the bottle she is so greedy and aggressive when it’s feeding time. Little piggy. Haha


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