Saying goodbye, Weight loss and Las Vegas #littleloves

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We are in our final week here at Grandma and Papa’s house, well I should say I am. It’s hard to starting saying goodbyes and having one last meet up this week with friends and family before we return to the UK. Somehow it has gone way too fast and other ways I have really enjoy our amazing hot summer here but ready for my own bed and kids’ bedrooms back. Let’s not forget most importantly, getting Mr P back I have missed him more than I ever thought possible. It’s tough be apart so long. 

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I finished The Girl on the Train this week but I didn’t buy a new book yet as it’s my last week here and I didn’t want to have to pack books back to the UK with me. I thought it was a great read and if you haven’t already jumped on the band wagon and read it, do, it’s worth it. It has a great twist at the end. 


I am cheating this week on  what I have ‘heard’ but I have heard that my baby weight FINALLY after two long years of holding on, LET GO. It’s been a very hard 30 day no junk challenge but I made it. It may have been a very grumpy 30 days and I never thought I would make it this long. It helped that my mom and I did it together. I can’t wait to share the recipes, journey and before and after photos soon. It really has motivated me to just make better food choices especially when I am eating out. It is possible to be healthy and exercise but not diet. It wasn’t a diet I was on but just learning what food my body responds to and what foods make me bloat and not feel energetic. I am not going to lie, I had a few tough days where a few bites of cupcake or pizza ended up in my mouth. It’s hard to be a food blogger and not eat my creations all the time. That’s ok to have off days, if you deprive your body it makes it harder to stay on track. It was just learning to take a few bites and not eat the whole pizza that I needed to learn. I lost 12 pounds and 4 1/2 inches off my baby belly. I don’t feel like I have such a mommy tummy anymore like I used to so clothes feel better on. I feel more confident as I really didn’t like to be in a bikini in public unless it was just with family until now. I really hope I don’t go back home and without my mom next to me to encourage me to stay healthy and keep exercising that I don’t fall back to late night pizzas and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. After a while they really don’t taste as good and make you feel worse after so it’s not even worth it. The best advice is to make a chart on the fridge to keep reminding yourself why you are doing it and what you are trying to achieve just make sure it’s attainable not something that is impossible or that’s just added pressures. 


I know those who know me, mouthes’ will drop when I say this but I am loving the series Orange is the New Black. While I shy away on certain parts it has a good storyline and is a great series. I am now half way through season 2 already. I kept seeing people recommend it so thought I would join Netflix and give it a go. I also saved on my new Netflix list, Pretty Liars, heard its good too. Do you have any Netflix recommendations????


I have been kicking my boring habits out and wearing mix match swimsuits all summer long. It felt weird to not match top and bottoms but now I love it and have numerous options. I got this top from Victoria Secret in the sale for about ten bucks but the straps were slightly too long for my short shoulders so I did what I always do and got the scissors out. *gasp I first cut the straps where they meet the back clasp. Then tied the two shoulder straps together to create a halter top. So it was just normal but now a halter at first but then I still didn’t like it until I turned it up side down and put the bottom clasp around my neck and tied the shoulder in middle of my back instead. You can see the difference in the tops below and I like it much better this way now. I have done this a few times and turned bikini tops upside down for a different look. I love when I can take something I bought and not really like it and make it into something I love. The cut out holes are a nice detail on the sides now instead of the top of my chest, feels more comfortable this way too. I guess I could have counted this as made for this week too. 


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I have been lusting over The Lovely Drawer’s DIY projects on her blog for over a year or so now. I am constantly pinning her projects and telling myself I will try to make them too but never finding the time to actually do it. This summer I have stepped back from my blog and really enjoying the slow pace life. My hobbies are back in full flow now too. I have loved every minute of it. So when I saw her new Bathroom Tidy Up tote the other day I gave it ago and I love this little cute tote for my dressing room and I can’t wait to get it all finished and share a room tour with you all soon. 

#littleloves DIY Bathroom Tidy Tote Bag bathroom caddy What I made Goodbyes, Las Vegas, and weight loss


It’s my best friend and her twin sister’s 40th birthday (from the UK) so I am taking my best friend from here and we are meeting them for a girlie birthday celebration in Las Vegas. I can’t tell you how over the moon I am to be going on a girlie holiday with them all and the godmothers to my children finally meeting and hanging out. It’s like colliding both my lives together and I am so excited. I have been to Vegas numerous times in my past but it’s been years. We are going to have the best three days there before I return to the UK and end our summer long vacation. I am so grateful my kids are now at an age that I can leave them for three days with Grandma and Papa to bond and play with. It’s the longest I will be apart from them and they not be with Daddy but I think it’s also good for us all especially since they have been with me everyday for two whole months for the most part. They are going to be spoiled rotten I just know it but what I don’t know won’t hurt me. I told my mother if you take them to McDonald’s just don’t tell me hahaha joking. It’s going to be a trip to remember I can feel it. What a great way to finish off my USA stay. While I only have 24 hours to fly back to my parents and then drive three hours to the airport and fly back to England, I think it will be SO worth it. Keep a lookout, I am sure I will continue #holidayspamming on instagram from Las Vegas. My next #littleloves will be back in the comfortable of my own home after this one. Happy Summer everyone!

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26 thoughts on “Saying goodbye, Weight loss and Las Vegas #littleloves”

    • Oh so glad you have enjoyed it. I love sharing back home with everyone each summer. I do lose a few followers for a while they come back when I stop holiday spamming them so much with sunny days and beaches. lol It’s gone way too fast this year though. So excited for Vegas.

  1. That bikini shot? You look amazing lovely!! For Netflix I adore Suits and The Good Wife. I also watched Damages a while back but it is quite heavy. I’ve lost my OITNB love I have to admit. Season 3 is not doing it for me. Enjoy your last week x

  2. Wow you look amazing in that bikini ! So glad you’ve had an amazing time in the US, enjoy your time in Vegas – I’ve yet to visit but it’s on my list! Kerry x

    • I just hope I don’t go ruin it in Vegas before I come home so people believe me. hahaha It was tough I am not going to lie. I am not nice on a diet. hahah So amazing to talk to you too babes. Love you lots.

    • Thanks Anna-Marie I can’t believe summer is over for me too. It has flown by way too fast like a blur. Thanks on the compliments I have worked so hard this summer to lose that baby weight now just need to be good at Christmas time. lol

    • Thanks Mel that’s so sweet of you to say. It was a hard 30 days for sure. The totes rock you should try it so easy. Can’t wait for Vegas this week its going to be amazing.

  3. Have an amazing time in Las Vegas! It must be such an emotional time for you when you leave the states, so excited to see your OH but so sad to say goodbye to everyone there. Sounds like you’ve had such a good time though and well done on the no junk for 30 days. I only occasionally eat ‘bad’ things now and some taste amazing but some are so sweet that I don’t know why I ever used to like them! x

    • It helps the longer you go without I am the same. I bit into a maple bar donut and thought it’s not how I remember them at all. Just pure fatty and sugar. lol Thanks I can’t wait for Vegas it’s going to be amazing trip with besties and then back to the hubster. Miss him so much.

  4. Jenny you look incredible! I’ve been following your photos on Facebook and you really can see a difference, I thought you looked great anyway but it’s nice to know you feel better after your no-junk challenge! Hope you enjoy your girly break in Las Vegas, sounds amazing you will have so much fun xx

    • It was all mummy tummy baby weight so its great to finally not want to hide the belly like I used to. It wasn’t easy and you motivated me girl to do it and share. Although still nervous to share before photos hahaha Can’t wait for Vegas this week then home by Sunday in the UK. Feels like summer went way too fast.

    • Thank you Katie I really am so very sad to come back I am not going to lie. It’s going to be lonely and tough but I am also missing Daddy so much and it will be great to show him that I lost all my baby weight too. Can’t wait. haha

  5. I am so sad that you only have a week left. I have loved your summer posts and I am sure you have loved every minute of your summer back home. You look incredible too – I wouldn’t have thought you were in any way overweight before but you look great in a bikini. I love how inventive you are too with wearing it upside down! 🙂 Have a lovely weekend and enjoy your last week x

    • Thanks Donna that means a lot. Well, clothes can hide unwanted baby weight well. It was my mummy tummy that I wanted to get rid of. I will be sharing before and after photos soon and my recipes and routines. Upside bikini tops win every time. lol

  6. I’ve really enjoyed your tales from the US this summer, but I can imagine you are dying to get home too. You look fab in your bikini – so well done on the weight loss!

    I love OINTB, but I’ve also loved What we Did this summer (a bit of a weepie!), Suits, The Good Wife, and for some on fluffy fun: The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

    • Oh those all sound like great shows too so I will add to my list. lol Thanks we have had the best time ever. I can’t wait to come back next year again. But yes I miss my hubby and own house for sure.

  7. I joined Netflix because of orange is the new black too. I loved it, although felt the first season was the best of the 3. I still haven’t found a replacement series to watch but also keep hearing Pretty Little Liars is good.
    Enjoy Las Vegas xx

  8. Can’t believe your time at home is nearly up, the summer really has whizzed by! Sounds like ye had an amazing time though! Well done on the 30 days of no junk…..I would be very cranky! You must be thrilled to have finished it and seen such great results! Aren’t young clever vlogs with the bikini!! It’s fabulous!! Enjoy your last week and trip away xxxxxx

  9. wow that bikini hack is fab, love the new version! and you look incredible, I need to tone up my mum tum! Can’t believe your summer adventures are nearly over, but looking forward to your posts when you’re back too. I love the lovely drawer blog, her posts are fab. and wow you guys are going to have such an amazing time in Las Vegas, what a special time for you but I know what you mean with missing your OH, I hated being away from mine xx


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